Hello you lovely lot and a Happy New Year!

Here at EGO we're pretty down in the dumps that we can't be sat at home, PJ's on and cheese board in hand stuffin' our faces. But, let's not be gettin' you lot down as we've got a little treat for ya'!

We've decided to start an amazin' competition that enables one fierce winner a week to gain some seriously sassy shoes Just upload a photo of your EGO shoes and BAM yoou may be on to a winner.

C'mon now if you aint gonna enter into that then I don't know what you will. 

Head to the link here to find out the specifics on this comp. See below for the official info, and remember to be sure to tag 

#EGOOFFICIAL & #EGOWIN and our Instagram handle. 

-Good Luck ;)



With Love, The EGO Team x