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We love nothing better than stalking celebs, and at this time of year it gets even better when you get to see which alter ego they decide to re-create. With glam squads made up of make-up artists, hairdressers and a team of stylists, these celebs have nailed their Halloween looks. Already dressed up this year? No time like the present to plan for the next.


10.  Adele | Jester

Adele Halloween 2017 Jester


This Halloween post to Adeles Instagram sent fans into a frenzy after a quiet period from the singer-songwriter. We imagine she will be finding that glitter in places for weeks.


9. Kaia Gerber | 70’s Supernova

Kaia Gerber Cindy Crawford Supermodel Amfar Halloween Gala 2017


Following in her mother Cindy Crawford’s super-modelling footsteps, 16 year old Kaia Gerber has us unable to stop staring at those legs in this disco diva get up.


8. Naomi Campbell | Egyptian Queen

Naomi Campbell Supermodel Amfar Halloween Gala 2017


The Queen Naomi Campbell is killing it in this gorgeous embellished headdress at a glamourous halloween event in NYC.


7. Joan Smalls | Minnie Mouse

Joan Smalls Supermodel Amfar Halloween Gala 2017


Another supermodel hitting our top 10 best dressed, is Joan Smalls doing grown-up Minnie Mouse. Cute as ever.


6. Kim & Kourtney Kardashian | Madonna & Michael Jackson

Kim Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian The Kardashians Amfar Halloween Gala 2017


Sisters Kim & Kourtney decided to dress up as hollywood icons, the King and Queen of Pop, Madge & MJ. We wonder if Kourt had a say in dressing as the guy? Either way the resemblance is uncanny.


5. Jonathan Cheban & Kim Kardashian | Sonny & Cher

Kim kardashian the kardashians jonathan cheban Halloween 2017 celeb celebrity best dressed

The self-proclaimed ‘HallowKween’ Kim K dressed up not once but 3 times this year, claiming two spots on our hot list. On her Insta Stories Kim showed fans her make up artist Ariel spray tanning on those abs. Bestie Jonathan, on the other hand, looks absolutely hilarious.


4. Paris Hilton | Princess Jasmine

Pairs Hilton Jasmine Disney Princess Aladdin Halloween 2017

Paris Hilton showed off her figure in a Aladdin inspired Princess Jasmine costume. That’s hot.


3. Em Rata | dressed as ??

Em Rata Emily ratajkowski model actress halloween 2017


So we’re not quite sure who or what actress Emily Ratajkowski is supposed to be here. But we don’t need to. She looks FIT.


2. Rita Ora | Poison Ivy

Rita Ora Halloween 2017 Poison Ivy Kiss House Party


Sexy Seniorita Rita Ora channeled batman villain Poison Ivy for her performance at the Kiss House Party. We’ll be saving this one for next year for sure.


1. Louisa | Britney Spears

Louisa Johnson X Factor Halloween 2017


Our number one spot is X-Factor winner Louisa Johnson looking more like Britney than Britney does. Teach us how!?

Which halloween celeb look is your fave?


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