10 Easy Ways To Look More Fashionable

Looking fashionable isn’t always about wearing the most current trends or expensive items and can be as easy as loosely tucking your shirt in. The best key to being fashionable is simply about confidence, even if you’re wearing something that might usually be out of your comfort zone, walk around like it’s something you wear all the time. As much as your outfit is about your attitude, here’s some helpful tips to get hose ‘wow you look amazing’ compliments rolling in.

Colour Co-Ordinate

Pick two or three colours to base your outfit around and then use them across the whole look. We’re talking shoes, accessories and make-up. You’ll look pulled together and elevate no matter what you go for.

A striking fushia moment SOURCE: PINTEREST

Mix Textures

You might think a load of different textures in one look is too much but you can go subtle by wearing similar colours or you can go bold and colour clash.

A combination of textures makes an outfit more eyecatching SOURCE: PINTEREST

Go Bold With Colours

Forget all about colours that go together, and combine anything and everything to bring some personality to your outfit.

Bold colours are the hottest trend this season SOURCE: PINTEREST

Wear a matching set

Any co-ordinating set will instantly make you look chic, it’s also super low effort as all you have to do is to pick out cute accessories to elevate your look.

Co-ords are a super simple way to look chic SOURCE: PINTEREST

Blazer and a graphic tee

A luxe-looking blazer over a graphic T-shirt is that perfect combination of cool and classic. It also fits the quota of both dressed up and casual.

a combintion of high and low fashion SOURCE: PINTEREST

Monochromatic Moment

Pick one shade and run with it. This makes getting dressed for the day so much simpler as your choices are now pretty limited but it makes you look so put together, who knew something so simple could be so effective.

look effortlessly collected in monochrome tones SOURCE: PINTEREST

Wear your jacket on your shoulders

This is such a cute way to wear a jacket, especially in transitional seasons. Draping your blazer/jacket over your shoulder will make you look like you’ve thought about your outfit rather than just flinging something on.

a look that requires the least effort but ahs a huge impact SOURCE: PINTEREST

Layer Up

The more layer, the less likely one piece is going to be a make or break piece. Be like Shrek, ogres have layers, the highly fashionable have layers too.

This trend is perfect for transitional weather SOURCE: PINTEREST

Wear your bag at the front

You know it’s your favourite part of your outfit anyway, so show it off. Adjust the strap so it sits more at your waist rather than the top of your leg.

Take every opportunity to show off your prized possession SOURCE: PINTEREST

Sunglasses everyday

The odds are if there’s something missing from your outfit, the chances are this is fixed by a pair of sunglasses. If they co-ordinate with your outfits that’s a bonus point (you can definitely dodge the dreaded winged eyeliner too).

sunglasses are a staple, anyone fashionable is wearing them SOURCE: PINTEREST

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