5 Things You Can Do With a Creme Egg | EGO

It's Easter weekend...you've been given an insane amount of chocolate, and you wanna do something Insta-worthy to show off to your friends, right? Here's 5 ideas that will turn your classic Easter chocolate collection into something else. Disclaimer: we will not be held responsible for any sugar rushes, weight gain or tooth cavities. Get your apron on and mixing bowl at the ready and try something new this Easter Bank Holiday Weekend.

#1 Creme Egg Toasties

Okay, so it's not your classic Ham and Cheese panini from Costa and it's far from your sub of the day, but we guarantee you can't fail this simple recipe.All you need is two slices of white bread, butter and a creme egg. With only 3 ingredients you'll be serving up an eggscellent Easter morning breakfast (sorry, cheesy pun alert). You can follow an advanced recipe also with marshmallow twist by clicking here

#2 Creme Egg Pizza

Move aside Dominoes stuffed crust - we've got our eyes on something else. If you've got a serious sweet tooth, then this ice cream pizza ice cream pizza topped with creme eggs is for you. DISCLAIMER: We will not be held responsible for any sugar rushes.

#3 Creme Egg Cocktails

Warning: Adult only recipe. You can always make this as a mean milkshake though! What better way to kick off Easter Weekend with a creme egg cocktail? Happy hour every hour please. You can read the recipe here

#4 Creme Egg Pancakes

How do you like your eggs in the morning? We like ours in our pancakes and smothered on our pancakes. We can only dream of how this would taste. If you're feeling adventurous then you can hit this up in the kitchen...if not, you can always send it to your other half via email for a hint? Here's the recipe for creme egg pancakes

#5 Creme Egg Cheesecake

If you've done well to resist, then look away now. This creme egg cheesecake will make your guests jaws drop at the Easter Sunday dinner table. We're so gonna pretend that this is calorie free, yes? This will take some extra prep time so make sure you don't leave this recipe. to the last minute!

That's the end of our five alternatives for a Cadbury's creme egg. If you're going bake one or all five of these recipes, then make sure you tweet us @egoshoes or tag us in Insta @egoofficial. Happy Easter!