5 times the Kardashians were extra AF at Easter

Like almost every single other occasion in their lives, Easter is a big deal for the Kar-Jenner clan. They go ALL out every year for their kids and each other!We’re forever obsessing over their extra AF easter celebrations, so we thought we’d round up their 5 most extra Easter moments of all time…

1. That time that Kylie filled eggs with money

Source: Kylie Jenner Snapchat

Kylie well and truly levelled up her easter egg hunt, swapping out traditional chocolate for money eggs?! We’d expect nothing less from our favourite billionaire. But on a serious note, how do we get an invite next year? We could do with a money egg or 10…

2. Kylie’s Insane Table Spreads

Credit: Kylie Jenner Snapchat

Just incase we weren’t already obsessed enough with the ‘adult’ table, check out how extra her kids table was…

Credit: Kylie Jenner Snapchat

Believe it or not, these cute af table spreads ain’t even the best part, check out the buffet…

Credit: Kylie Jenner Snapchat

3. The Easter Bunnies came to visit (aka Kanye & Tyga)

Credit: Kim Kardashian Snapchat

What’s even more exciting that a visit from the easter bunny? Kanye West and Kylie’e ex Tyga dressing up as the easter bunny. Have you ever seen anything this cute before?!

4. Kim hired duckings and chickens for the kids to play with 

Source: Kim Kardashian Snapchat

Ok cuteness OVERLOAD! We thought there was nothing cuter than baby chicks until we saw the Kar-Jenner kid’s playing with baby chicks!

  1. Iconic family photos

Source: Kendall Jenner on Instagram

Of course we couldn’t forget to include their iconic family photos! The most iconic family snap of all has to be when the whole gang got together for their 2019 pic, which included all their new additions!

If you can successfully name everyone in the picture, then congrats, you’re successfully keeping up with the Kardashians!

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