7 Cute AF Date Ideas For Valentine’s At Home

Shock, we’re going to be stuck home for yet another annual celebration…yay! Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and to be honest, we’ll take any excuse to celebrate right now! 

Ok so it sucks that we can’t get glammed up for a night out or be whisked away for a romantic weekend in Paris, but it doesn’t have to be all bad! A Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Day spent at home can still be cute and extra AF!

Do you wanna know the best bit about stayin’ home this V-Day? You can still get your glam on for a date night with bae, just without the added expense! Look at the positives and focus on all the $$ you’ll be saving by being stuck home!

A Romantic V-Day Breakfast In Bed 

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Nothing beats being woken up to breakfast in bed, especially when there’s pancakes involved! Even if you’re not the romantic type, you can’t deny you LOVE a surprise breakfast in bed!

Romantic walk

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We can’t do much right now, but we can go for a walk! Why not take a cute lil walk somewhere you don’t go often (or literally every other day rn..). Take flasks of your fave hot chocolate with you, or treat yourself to a take away coffee.

Picnic In The Park

Ok so it’s not quite picnic weather right now, we’ll admit that! However, there’s something rather cute about getting all wrapped up for a cute, cosy lil picnic in the park. Especially if it gives you an excuse to wear a cute outfit!

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Get Cookin’ Good Lookin’

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Throw on ya chef’s hat and get bae in the kitchen. Crack open a bottle of red (or whatever tipple takes ya fancy) and whip up something tasty! Now while we can’t guarantee you’re gonna experience a real rom-commontage moment, (think throwing flour and kissing on kitchen counters) we can guarantee it’ll be a laugh! Who knows, you might even cook up something tasty together!

Get Your Glam On

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Gutted you can’t go all out for V-Day like usual? Well why let lockdown stop you? Get your glam on at home! Spend time getting ready, throw on ya fave LBD and put on ya fave party playlist! Whether you’re enjoying a candle lit takeaway or creating your own cocktails, we bet you’ll feel a million dollars getting all dolled up after what feels like forever!

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Spa Day

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If you’d usually spend ya V-Day relaxing in a 5* spa, then why not bring the spa vibes back home?! Plan a chill AF day of candle lit bubble baths, face masks and all your fave spa treatments!

Netflix & Chill: The V-Day Edition

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Snuggle up for a cute, cosy night in front of the screen with bae, because is there really anything better than a cosy night in? Make it that lil be more romantic and light all ya fave candles, turn on some fairy lights, make your fave drink and make sure you’ve got LOTS of snacks!

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