10 Things Every 90's Kid Will Remember

The 90’s were great weren’t they? Back when the only thing you were stressin’ over was what colour body glitter to smear all over your arms for the school disco. Whilst our childhood is sadly long gone, there’s nothing better than a good old throwback to make you feel all warm and nostalgic inside. Here’s 10 thing you’ll totally get if you grew up in the 90’s.

1. Scented Gel Pens.

If you weren’t into trading these on your lunch break then who were you? Whether you were a strawberry, blueberry, banana, bubblegum or coconut kinda gal; these were everything. Although there was always that one sneaky person who had the exact one you wanted and wouldn’t trade. Nightmare.

2. Furby's.

Looking back at these now, they look a little bit sinister don’t you think? Nevertheless at the time, these were the baddest biatches on the block, even if they did wake you up in the middle of the night whispering “feed me”.

3. Video Tapes.

Ahh throwback to the days of the video recorder, where rewinding the tape would take just as long as it would to watch the film. Who remembers getting super mad when someone watched their tape but didn’t rewind it? We do! We bet you had every one of these Disney classics on tape too.

4. Dream Phone.

Before you had to talk to real boys, there was good old Dream Phone. Looking back at the guys you could choose from now is a pretty horrifying ordeal but at the time we bet you had a crush on every single one.

5. L’oreal No Tears Shampoo.

The shampoo to grace every bathroom shelf that decade was this slightly sickly-smelling from L’oreal. Hands up who thought that the ‘no tears’ bit meant it wouldn’t sting your eyes rather than tear your hair?! We didn’t until recently! Mind blown.

6. Microsoft Word Art.

Before the days of the iMac and Google Sheets, there was good old Microsoft Word. The hardest part of your school day, along with deciding what to have for lunch, was trying to choose which font to use from the Word Art selection. Our personal fave was always the wavey blue number.

7. Inflatable Chairs.

Chillaxing with your BFF’s discussing what went down at school that day whilst sippin’ on Panda Pop was the ultimate 90’s after school unwind. Extra cool points if you had an inflatable sofa.

8. M.A.S.H.

Predicting your future by playing M.A.S.H was the best way to pass the time during class. Who remembers how happy they were when you got all the options you wanted? Sadly Justin Timberlake never did show up with the keys to a mansion, a ferrari, 4 puppies and a horse.

9. Potato Smiley Faces

Wasn’t it just the best day ever when you spotted these in the school dinner hall or your Mum served them up for tea? Bonus points if you got Turkey Dinosaurs or Turkey Twizzlers with them too.

10. Spice Girls.

The best and most memorable thing from the 90’s has the be the Spice Girls. No room was without a poster, a CD or some sort of memorabilia. If you ever managed to see them live we are super super jealous. Whilst they are sadly no longer a thing, girl power lives on forever.

Which one was your favourite?

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