The Festival Essentials: Survival kit

Okay, so it's festival season and all the squad are hittin' up different ones all over the country. With Glastonbury, Wireless, LoveBox and V to name a few, when you're dancin' on down with a cider in your hand you'll definitely need a little helping hand. After all, everyone has gotta have a survival kit in their bag, yeah? 

Taking you from those dark depths of feelin' mega rough in the early morning to bouncing right back out the tent ready for round 2, these essentials help you get in top shape for the full festival. If that's not what dry shampoo and paracetamol were made for, then seriously why do they exist? ;-)


See below for a few of EGO's top essentials to be packin' in that festival survival kit. 

Trust us, you'll be needing em'


The trusty backpack




You've gotta have somewhere to keep all your stuff together, yeah? So it might aswell be metallic and stylish too. 


Bottle Opener



A key hero piece for any festival lover. You aint got your bag fully sorted unless this is swinging around in it. 


Dry Shampoo 

With long days and numerous hair flicks goin' on whilst you're trying to dance on down and hold that drink so it doesnt spill, dry shampoo is a must. Any girl without this ain't a true festival goer. 


Baby Wipes




Well, because you'd be seriously lost without these. Trust us.  





You'll defo need sunnies and why not take some haulographic ones with ya? Adding that extra edge at a fesitval is what it's all about. 






Because you need to be capturing those epic dance moves, sunburn (or serious rain showers) and messy hair 24/7




No photo for these because well....

You get the jist what they look like.... boring but pain relievers for when that cider hangover kicks in just as you step out the tent. 





Okay, so it wont be as glam as this but we thought it best to give you a bit of INSPO as the sweaty, plastic one that leaks rain water in that you will be stayin' in, aint so glamorous. 


Hair Grips 



Necessary to not only hide that bedhead in different hair styles, but essential for when you're watchin that lead artisit hittin' the stage and dancin' like nobody is watching... 



The main tip: Have a ballin' time.


With Love, The EGO Team x 




 Please Note: All images we're sourced via Pinterest.