Alia Loren is a 23 year old grime DJ from London quickly making a name for herself in the industry. Having been brought up from a strict religious background, she moved from her hometown of Essex to London for Uni and started her training at a youth radio station called Reprezent.

 She was shortly picked up by Radar Radio for a weekly grime show. Here she learnt how to dj and has since never looked back. We caught up with Alia to see what she’s been up to and what she’s got in store for the future...

Name: Alia Loren

Age: 23

Location: London

Occupation: Presenter/DJ



How did you end up where you are in life right now?


I saw close friends around me who loved music and radio and thought let me try it because I loved talking about music. They inspired me from the beginning. I practiced mixing all the time and people saw my love for what I do and just started getting hit up more and more. Hard work and determination to be honest - now i'm DJ'ing at places and working with people i've always wanted to work with.


What’s been your proudest moment to date?


Has to be either the set I did with Prez T or when I played at SBTV Summer Cookout - the reaction was too mad I had random people tweeting me that I brought people from the main room to the room I was playing in. That was super fun and the crowd was sick.



Who or what would you cite as your biggest inspiration?


My friends. I'm surrounded by amazing DJ's, presenters, producers and artists who grind so hard and are so passionate in their craft. Seeing how much love doing what they do and getting the rewards for the work - they inspires me the most.


What’s on your playlist right now?

I like to mix it up in my sets so at the moment would have to be:

Escha - Alice Meridan, such a sick instrumental with a old school Meridan Crew vocal, Caski - Traitor, also have to add in a couple of Grandmixxer's productions - legit one of my favourite producers.



Describe your style in three words…


Cute n' cozy


Tell us a random fact about yourself…


I had to sing Vanessa Carlton - 1000 Miles in a school performance on my own to a big crowd of people, you know the song in White Chicks? I still die to this day and thankful no one has any footage of it.



If you were a mood ring, what colour would you be?


Emerald green


What are you most looking forward to in 2017?


Got my first international booking coming up so looking forward to that. Ticking off more of my goals and working with some of my favourite brands






You can find Alia on Instagram here and SoundCloud here. 



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