The Anti-Valentines | EGO

Love it or hate it, February 14th has arrived and means only one thing. If you’re sick of saccharine-sweet supermarket displays, pre-pubescent girls hashtagging #boydonegood or paragraph declarations of love on social media by the boy everyone knows is DMing approx. half the female population on the sly, we are here to ease the pain. You can screw the sentiment but doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in dressing up and drooling over red aesthetics.  #egosquad we’ve got you covered on how to slay this V-day whatever the sitch. Think roses, fishnets, red satin, slogan tees and total girl power for super sassy vibes that don't need a man in sight. 

Red Satin and Fishnets


Red Rose Ripped Denim Fishnets

Red Satin Not Your Baby

Red Inspo


Red Fishnets

Red Satin

Property Of Noone

Red Lollipop

Red Nails

Red Inspo

Heart Breaker

Red Fishnets

Girl Powee

Bad bitch


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