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It’s Super Bowl Sunday and you know what that means, football. Ugh.

If like us you couldn’t really care less who or what team puts the ball on the grass or kicks it or whatever it is they actually do; luckily there’s something here for you. The Halftime Show; the holy grail of performances.

The Halftime Show showcases some of the biggest music acts ever and makes watching the first half of football oh so worth it. Tonight we’ll be treated to a Lady Gaga show, and we cannot wait to see what she brings (and also what she’s wearing). Until then, here’s 5 unforgettable halftime shows from the past...

1. When Beyonce bought back Destiny’s Child…

Let’s be real here, Beyonce is the QUEEN of Super Bowl (and basically everything else in life) so her show was obvs going to be top of our list.

In 2013 Bey took to the stage performing Run The World, Love On Top, End Of Time and Baby Boy before welcoming out Kelly and Michelle for a Destiny’s Child reunion. If you weren’t screaming by this stage then who even are you?! The girls treated us to Bootylicious, Independent Woman Part 1 and Single Ladies before Bey closed the show with Halo.

We’re still not over how good this was.

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2. When Beyonce stole Coldplay’s show…

Ok so this technically wasn’t her show, but Coldplay should know better than to share a stage with the Queen. She’s obvs gonna own it.

2016’s Halftime Show saw Coldplay take to the stage and perform 4 hits before bringing out Bruno Mars for Uptown Funk and Beyonce for Formation. In all honesty, we often forget this was ever Coldplay’s show because Bey totally nailed this. Her grl pwr anthem combined with some killa dance moves took the show to a whole new level. Boy are we glad they asked her to come.

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3. When Katy Perry danced with some giant sharks…

Katy Perry’s 2016 show put the fun back into football with some crazy costumes and props. Not only did she dance with some giant sharks (who else remembers the left shark who couldn’t dance?! He’s got his own Wikipedia page if you don’t know who he is) she performed some her best hits including Teenage Dream, California Gurls and I Kissed A Girl.

Oh, and she also rode on a HUGE lion whilst singing Roar and bought Missy Elliot out to sing Get Ur Freak On, Work It and Lose Control.

Seriously good.

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4. When Prince owned it…

Prince’s Halftime Show was waaay back in 2007 but boy was it a good one. He took to the stage performing some amazing covers of We Will Rock You, Proud Mary and All Along The Watchtower.

Prince did what Prince did best; owned it. He came. He played. He conquered. Not only did he give one hell of a performance, it also, as if by magic, was raining during Purple Rain. Who needs fake rain when you’re good enough to get Mother Nature on your side.

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5. And finally, when things got a bit weird…

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2001 saw a bizarre mix of Britney Spears, Aerosmith, N Sync, Mary J Blige and Nelly. Not a group you’d usually pair together.

It started off pretty well with N Sync getting down to Bye Bye Bye and Aerosmith belting out their classic I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing (everyone’s fave drunk karaoke song).

The show closed with Aerosmith and N Sync bringing out Britney, Nelly and Mary J for a truly weird version of Walk This Way. Whilst this might not have been one of the musically best performances, it’s pretty funny to watch.

And still gives us serious Britney and Justin nostalgia.




Will you be watching the Super Bowl tonight for the football or the halftime show?

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