How To Survive Black Friday 2017 | EGO

How To Survive Black Friday 2017 | EGO

Gone are the days where Boxing Day was the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Weekend have taken over. Starting as a US based tradition, following the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday quickly found its way over the pond to bring itself right here to the UK.

It’s a day where retailers from all backgrounds go to town with some crazy-ass deals and we at Ego ain’t one to miss out. Following on from Black Friday is Cyber Weekend and Cyber Monday, where the discounts and savings continue all weekend long. Wanna know what’s going on? You can check out our Black Friday page here to keep an eye on things.

With so many sales and savings going on, it can all get a bit much. Lucky for you we’ve pulled together a handy little survival guide for making it through the hottest shopping day of the year.


Knowing exactly what you’re after going into Black Friday will make shopping on the day so much less stressful, and means you’re less likely to impulse buy something random on Amazon.

Be prepared

Make a list of the things you’ve got your eye on, create an online wish-list with each store and have your basket saved and ready to go. Make an account too and save your checkout details, it’ll make your checkout process so much quicker meaning you’re less likely to get affected by a site going down (and we all know how annoying that can be).

Get following

With so many things going on, you wanna make sure you don’t miss out on anything. Sign up to your fave brands email newsletters so you’ll get the deals straight to your inbox when they launch. Follow them on their social channels too so you don’t miss out on any social-exclusive deals or flash sales. You can find us on Instagram here.

Shop online

Let’s be real here, no one wants to battle through the crowds when you could be browsin’ the sales from the comfort of your own sofa in your PJ’s. Most retailers will have better discounts online too, so you may even save more money staying in.

Get ready early

Black Friday is such a competitive day so it’s no wonder a lot of brands start their deals earlier & earlier each year. Make sure you’re keeping your eyes on your fave sites all week long, you never know when something is gonna start.

Think about others too

Whilst it’s a great time to snag a bargain for yourself, it’s also the perfect time to stock up on all your Christmas presents for friends and fam. Seen a pair of heels your best friend would love? Or a pair of mules your mum would look great in? Treat them. Getting your Christmas shopping done and dusted early means less stress and more time to enjoy the run up to Christmas.

Need some pre Cyber Weekend inspo? Check out our new in section and get that wish-list going.