Creamfields: Q&A With Sam Feldt

Who doesn't love a festival, yeah?

Us normal lot don't ever get the chance to party with or hear info off the legendary dj's/artists, so we thought it only right that a Q&A with a top DJ would be featured on the EGO blog. And this DJ would be the ah-mazing Sam Feldt who headlines Creamfields on Friday 26th August. 

See below for Sam's answers on all things from his music, festival tips and loads more....


You’re having a house party, what 5 tracks are guaranteed to be played?  And what 1 song is guaranteed NOT to be played?


Anything by The Chainsmokers, ‘Shy’ by The Magician feat. Brayton Bowman, ‘Hey Hey’ (Gianni Kosta Remix) by Bynon & Bishop, ‘No Money’ by Galantis and my track ‘Summer On You’. One track guaranteed not to be played… That’s hard as I’m open to a lot of different genres of music, but I guess it’d would have to be anything heavy metal.


If you were asked to play an alternative set at a friend’s house party, what type of set would you play?  And if you could play back to back with ANY DJ in the world at the house party who would this be and why?   


I’d probably play some disco or 90’s R&B classics to get the party started. I’d love to go b2b with The Magician, I’ve got so much respect for that guy.


There’s some great new talent coming through at the moment, whose caught your attention recently? 


Cheat Codes are definitely ones to watch!


Who would you love to collaborate with in the studio?


Daft Punk or Paul McCartney 100%. Stranger things have happened…


What do you think you would be doing if you were not making music?


I’d probably still be running my web design agency that I used to own.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to do what you do? 


Make the music you want to make, not what you think people want to hear.


What’s the best bit of advice you’ve ever been given, professionally or personally? 


Never lose sight of your goals, but stay humble in the process and make the life you want to lead.


What have you been up to lately? Any new music, upcoming news we can get excited about?


I’ve been so busy touring, visiting places I’d never thought I’d have the opportunity to visit which I’m incredibly fortunate for. The club edit of my latest single ‘Summer On You’ ft Wulf alongside Lucas & Steve is out at the end of the month and I’ve new material to release over the coming months so keep your ears to the ground.


What can we expect from your set at Creamfields this year? Any surprises?  New music to test?


I have my live band joining in on the fun with me on stage for my sets, which is exciting. I might test out some new material too. As for surprises you have to come and see me play ;)


Vinyl or Digital?  

That’s a hard decision as I love both. Vinyl for listening, digital for producing.


What’s on your bucket list?


Travel the world, meet as many of my fans as I can and to continue to play festivals like Creamfields – hopefully headline one day haha.


What are you top 5 festival tips?


Stay hydrated with coconut water (as well as Corona), wear sun cream, have a portable phone charger and have fun!


Sum up Creamfields to someone who has never been before?


A lot of dance music/EDM lovers coming together in a big field to experience amazing sets and performances from their favourite artists.


Complete this sentence: “Creamfields is….”





To see more check out Creamfields website or Twitter for more info on this amazing festival. 


With Love, The EGO Team x