10 Problems Every Fashion Blogger Can Relate To

All hail the fashion blogger, the enablers who make our bank balance considerably lower in funds and the people who inspire us to dress like a girl boss every single day. And whilst the day to day happenings of our fave blogging beauties will forever remain a secret there are 10 minor problems every fashion blogger can relate to.

1. When somebody asks “What do you actually do?”


Some people are just interested and others just really don’t want to ‘get it’ - fashion blogging literally means  ‘photographer,’ ‘writer’ ‘editor’ ‘stylist’ - basically everything.


2. Accidentally deleting the only decent photograph of your OOTD


There aren’t enough expletives in the world! 


3. The effort that that actually goes on behind the scenes of blogging. 


We’re talking lighting,make up,editing, uploading, responding to comments, social media scheduling...It’s a tiring business and we’re pretty sure RiRi wrote her song for us.


4. Finding an amazing photo opportunity with an Insta goals background and there's no one there…


Then a load of people turn up and won’t move for at least 10 minutes but you’re too self conscious to crack on anyway.


5. In the Winter not being able to take blog photos between the hours of 3pm-7am…


 Winter is the WORST for taking photographs but pretty darn awesome when it comes to the cosy outfits in our wardrobes.


6. Explaining to potential boyfriends that you can’t date them unless they are Instagram worthy…


We are of course...Only joking.


7. When you are away from your laptop you have a million ideas for blog posts and inspiration is everywhere.


The minute you start to blog...Nothing. #Tumbleweed


8. Yes, i’m supposed to be looking AWAY from the camera...


It’s supposed to look like i’m acting natural...duh.


9. When a comment is added underneath a post to helpfully tell you that you have a spot


Thanks for the reminder...Defo wasn’t aware of the third head on my chin!


10. Your latte complete with awesome latte art is cold...Because you spent 30 mins perfecting an Insta worthy shot


But that plant, magazine and purse styling looks so chic!


Do you have a fashion blogger prob you’d like to share?

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