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Introducing the first of our #EGOUNLOCKED series. The place where we discover raw, new talent and give these babes a platform to talk about their talents, work and loves. First up is female footballer turned singer-songwriter @chelceegrimes, who's already written for the likes of Kylie Minogue and Louisa Johnson

1. Girl, you've done it all - how did you go from being a footballer to a career in singing/songwriting? 

I feel like I'm 45 - I've had quite a crazy year! I started football first and I only had boys in my street to play out with as there were no girls :( So, I learned how to play football. It was either that or stay in and do homework. Then I got trials for Liverpool when I was 10 and played for them up until I was 16. I did go to Everton for one season but we won't talk about that. It was a weird time back then and I didn't know what I wanted to do - I used to score goals and run back to the halfway line humming some songs I'd be writing on the way to the game. So I guess I just started writing songs, that's how it started. I'd always just write little tunes.

Chelcee Grimes EGOUNLOCKED

2. You've written a lot of huge hits, for some incredible artists. What's your main inspiration when writing - do you tend to have an artist in mind when you're putting a song together? 

Not always. My first song I got cut was Kylie Minogue's 'Million Miles' and I definitely had her in mind for that because I knew she was releasing an album soon. But other times like the Louisa Johnson song 'So Good', I just wrote about my night before. I wasn't supposed to go out at all, I had work early the next day but I found myself in the middle of Soho at 3am. Sometimes I just write about what happens and strangely enough, people relate to it.

Chelcee Grimes EGOUNLOCKED

3. If you could sit down with any artist and create an album, who would it be? 

Lady Gaga. I say that and people always look at me like I’m crazy because I don’t dress like her and we don’t make the same kinds of records, but to me she was the reason I started, and the reason I’m actually any good. I listened to her album ‘The Fame’ like it was the Bible. I studied her and watched every interview she did, I waited outside her hotel once. I know - weird. But the Haus of Gaga - all her creative team and dancers - actually came out and got me from outside in the cold to sing to them all. Thinking back it’s weird. It was kind of like an audition with no reward but it made my whole year. She’s a smart woman, I just love her.

Chelcee Grimes EGOUNLOCKED

4. Describe your style using a song title?

Teenage Dirtbag - also one of my favourite songs.


5. What’s the one piece of clothing you couldn’t live without?

Skinny Jeans.

Chelcee Grimes EGOUNLOCKED

6. Do you have any creative rituals you do, or life mottos that you live by?

I just try to think positive. Even when I’m doing that cry where the lump is almost bursting out your throat, I just try to think that was meant to happen and something great is going to happen next.


7. Current food obsession?

Strawberry laces.

Chelcee Grimes EGOUNLOCKED

8. What’s a random fact about you? 

I beat 99% of boys on Fifa.


9. What’s your proudest career moment to date?

Finding my own sound and preparing to release my own records. That’s pretty exciting.

Chelcee Grimes EGOUNLOCKED

10. What does 2017 hold for Chelcee Grimes, and where can we find you?

2017 I’m sure will be my toughest year yet and hardest working but I’m ready for it. I’ll be releasing my own music and that’s something I’ve wanted for a long time, but it was just about timing and letting the stars align.


Come find me @ChelceeGrimes on Insta/Facebook/Twitter


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