This week in #EGOUNLOCKED we caught up with Chlo Subia, a 16 year old singer-songwriter from LA...



Tell us about yourself in tweet form (you’ve got 140 characters!)

I luv music! I luv people! #hateonit #extrovert


How did you end up where you are in life right now?

I’ve always loved to perform live. I started off in musical theater and fell in love with the adrenaline you get right before you go on stage. I eventually branched off and wrote some original lyrics - they were terrible. But it was fun and I kept working at it, and eventually became more transparent as a songwriter, and my songs became more genuine.

The last year and a half I've built #TEAMCHLO to include an amazing manager, Grammy-nominated songwriters & producers, creative choreographers & dancers, best of the best vocal coaches, on the pulse social media director, and cool makeup artist & stylist. I have a pretty awesome team of incredible people that support me.



What’s been your proudest moment to date?

My proudest moment is probably going on my first tour across the west coast with High School Nation. I performed every day in a new city for three weeks. Tour life is the best. I get happy just thinking about it.


Who or what would you cite as your biggest inspiration?

In the music industry, I would say Rihanna is one of my favorite artists because of her dope live show and amazing look. Day-to-day would have to be my selfless Dad.



What’s on your playlist right now?



DEAD - Madison Beer

DAMN - Kendrick Lamar


Describe your style in three words...

Sporty, Chic and Abstract Edgy



What’s one thing you cannot live without?

My Sister, Evanne.


Tell us a random fact about yourself...

I'm actually afraid of the dark.  A big shoutout goes out to the strands of twinkle lights in my room keeping me alright.



If you were a mood ring, what color would you be?

I would say orange because it’s bright, loud and happy... just like me!


What are you most looking forward to in 2017?

Writing more songs, meeting new people, and performing in new cities.





You can follow Chlo on Instagram here and check out her latest song ‘YOU / WE / I’ here.


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