The Best Christmas Films on Netflix RN

We’re so glad December is finally upon us. Not only can we stop pretending to roll our eyes at people playing Christmas tunes too early (even though we are low-key lovin’ it), but it also means we’ve got a great excuse to stay in bed all day watching all of the Christmas films on Netflix. From films as iconic as the Coca Cola christmas advert to ones as rogue as the Aldi Christmas advert - we are here for all of them this year. So grab your fluffiest blanket, biggest hot chocolate mug and all of the selection boxes and get ready for one major Netflix binge.

The Best Christmas Films on Netflix

The Holiday 

Name a better Christmas film than The Holiday. We’ll wait.

Launching on UK Netflix on the 7th December, this is one Christmas film we’ll never get bored of. With a lil’ bit of comedy, a whole lotta romance and some maaaajor eye candy (we’re lookin’ at you, Jude Law) - this is one film that just can’t be missed this Christmas.

With a star-studded cast including Jude Law (oioi), Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black -  this film is so feel-good, you’ll forget about anything you’re currently stressin’ over, leaving you feel all warm and fuzzy. Don’t judge us - just watch it, girl.


Nativity! Is going to bring back all of the memories from your annual primary school nativity. Whether they’re good or bad memories (anyone else the back end of a donkey? no?), the Christmas nativity was a tradition in most primary schools across the country.

The film follows an ambitious (and may we add, Christmas-hating) primary school teacher trying to put on the biggest production the school can afford. But we all know how unpredictable young children can be...

 nativity! christmas films on netflix

Funny, charming and very, very British, Nativity! is the perfect film to watch with your fam.

Jack Frost

This film will hit you right in the feels, girl.

As a busy musician, Jack Frost had very little time for his son, Charlie and wife, Gabby in between all of his gigs and auditions. But after his death on Christmas day, they realise that the little time they got to spend with Jack was better than no time at all.

A year after his death, Charlie is playing his dad’s magic harmonica when something magical happens. The snowman Charlie built in his garden comes to life and his father comes back to visit…

Yeah, it might be a little bit creepy, but this film is cute af, and will melt even the iciest of hearts (soz).

Arthur Christmas

Have you ever wondered how Santa manages to deliver presents to everyone in the world on Christmas Eve? (Bear with us. Please).

arthur christmas films on netflix

Luckily, Arthur Christmas has answered that burning question, shedding light on Santa’s high-tech operation which allows him to empty his sack in everyone’s stockings at Christmas. But what happens when technology fails?

If you’re looking for a fun, easy-to-watch Christmas film, Arthur Christmas is the one.

A Christmas Prince

Girl meets boy, boy falls in love with girl - it’s a story we’ve heard a million times (snooze). But, as much as we hate to admit it, A Christmas Prince has got that lil’ something extra, even if it is cheesy af. 

a christmas prince christmas films on netflix

They’re not quite Meghan and Harry, but Amber and Richard do make quite a cute royal couple. Watch this if you don’t mind a predictable plot - it’s the ideal for when you’re recovering from drinking one too many mulled wines.

Which Christmas films will you be watching this year? Let us know on Twitter!