The Ultimate Christmas Party Makeup Tutorial

After you’ve picked out some killer heels and a sassin’ dress, it’s finally time to start thinking about your christmas party makeup. A statement lip, a sultry smokey eye or a shimmering glitter eyeshadow - when it comes to party makeup, the possibilities are endless. As if it didn’t take us long enough to choose our party shoes and outfits - deciding on our makeup is almost as difficult. But don’t worry - we’ve got you covered with the ultimate christmas party makeup tutorial that’s sure to turn all the heads this year.

Carli Bybel-Inspired Christmas Party Makeup

When it comes to makeup, Carli Bybel can do no wrong, so naturally we’re always going to be taking inspo from her for our Christmas party makeup. Carli’s smouldering eye makeup and bold berry lip are perfect for a Christmas party. We’d pair this look with a red lace mini dress, black barely there heels and rose gold jewellery for a classic Christmas look and will ensure that all eyes are on you, girl.

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For this look, you’re going to want to create a glowing bronzed base. Start by priming your skin with your favourite primer - we’d recommend choosing a primer based on your skin type to give the rest of your makeup real staying power.

Then apply your favourite foundation, starting from the centre of your face and blending outwards. To further enhance your glow, we’d recommend adding a touch of liquid highlighter to your foundation to give you a gorgeous all-over glow.

Next it’s time to create a contour that even Kim K would be proud of. Using a cream contour stick, apply underneath your cheekbones, the tops of your forehead and jawline. For this look, Carli has also used it on her nose, so if you truly want to get her look, apply a small amount of cream contour down the sides and the end of your nose. Take a damp makeup sponge and, using dabbing and rolling motions, blend your cream contour into your foundation. If you’ve applied contour to your nose, apply a little concealer down the centre of your nose and roll your makeup sponge over any harsh edges to blend the two products together. This will take a little time, so make sure you don’t rush this step.

To make sure your contour stays in place, you need to set it. Take your favourite bronzer and sweep  it under your cheekbones, along your forehead, down the sides of your nose (we recommend using a fluffy eyeshadow brush for this)  and along your jawline. It’s really important to make sure you blend this properly - you don’t want to create any tell-tale harsh lines. Then apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks - but bear in mind that you only want to add a touch of blush, as the rest of the makeup is quite dramatic.

makeup tutorial

Finally, taking your highlighter, apply to the tops of your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and cupid’s bow using a fan brush. Again, make sure you blend it properly to avoid any obvious streaks of highlighter. Then set your t-zone and under eye area using a powder brush and loose powder. We’d recommend applying it to your forehead, chin and under your eyes to set your concealer.

*Top Tip* Apply a generous amount of loose powder under your eyes and leave it while you fill in your eyebrows to give your makeup real staying power.


It’s time to move onto your brows. A strong brow will really compliment this look, so don’t be afraid to fill ‘em in! Start by brushing your brows up to help you to create the perfect shape. Next, fill your brows in using a brow pencil, feathering them towards the end to create a natural fade, then set them in place using a clear brow gel.

Moving onto your eyes, take a peachy beige eyeshadow and apply it to your crease using a fluffy blending brush, making sure to blend it really well. Next, take a smaller fluffy blending brush and buff in a warm medium brown shade onto the eyelid and crease. Finally, taking a fluffy pencil brush, apply a dark mahogany brown shadow into the outer corner of your lid, before taking your small fluffy blending brush to buff it into the other colours. Then use your pencil brush and apply the remainder of the darker shadow to your lower lash line, extending it out to meet the wings of the eyeshadow on the upper lid.

Next, take an eye detail brush and apply a golden shimmer all over the centre of your lid, before taking a smaller detail brush and applying a white shimmer to the inner corner of your eyes. This will make sure your eyes are sparklin’ in all the Christmas lights. Then to define your eyes, take a gel eyeliner and line along the top of your lash line, creating some fierce flicks at the corner. 

eye makeup

For some real drama, take your favourite lashes and trim them to the shape of your eye. Apply a little bit of lash glue and let it dry for around 30 seconds, before using tweezers to help apply your lashes.

Once they’re stuck in place, apply a coating of mascara to your upper and lower lashes. Finally, take a nude eyeliner pencil and apply it to your water line to really open your eyes up.


Finally, it’s time to move onto the star of the show - the berry lips. Whether you’re never seen without a cherry pout, or this is your first time sportin’ the look - berry lips are a Christmas essential. Before starting any of your makeup, make sure you exfoliate your lips - there’s nothing worse than dry, flaky lips - especially when you’re rockin’ such a statement lip.

red lipstick

Start by lining your lips with a liner in your chosen crimson hue, before filling in your pout with the pencil - this will help your lipstick to last all night long. Next, take your trusty red lipstick and, rather than swiping it across your lips, tap the lipstick into your lips to ensure an accurate application and increase its staying power. Tidy up any mistakes using concealer and apply a little more highlighter to your cupid’s bow to really make your lips stand out.

And there you have it - the ultimate Christmas party makeup look to make sure you’re slayin’ this season. Just add a spritz of your fave perfume to your pulse points and you're ready to party. We’d love to see your Christmas party looks, so make sure you tag us on Instagram @egoofficial.