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Christmas Day is one of the best days of the year isn’t it? We can’t get enough of the warm buzz that comes with seeing friends and family, eating too much food and opening presents; it’s the best time of the year! With Christmas being a time for traditions; here’s 10 things that are bound to happen to you on the big day.

1. You’ll wake up so excited & check to see if “he’s been”.

Whilst you’re definitely too old to still be believing in Santa, you can’t help that little flicker of excitement that comes your way on Christmas morning, especially when you see a pile of pressies under your tree.

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2. You’ll eat your body weight in chocolate by 11am.

All diet rules go out of the window on Christmas Day. Want chocolate for breakfast? Have it. Fancy a glass of prosecco before midday? Totally fine. No one is judging.

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3. You’ll get excited again opening up your presents.

And we bet you’ll end up wearing or eating half of them before the day is over.

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4. You’ll suffer from serious hunger pains whilst waiting for the 5 years it takes for Christmas dinner to cook.

Seriously, why does it take sooooo long?

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5. You’ll eat till you literally can’t move.

It’s Christmas, it’s allowed.

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6. You’ll have a post-dinner nap to make up for eating so much.

The slow crawl from the dinner table back to the sofa is needed for a good nap whilst the Queen’s Speech is on that someone will inevitably switch over for.

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7. You’ll watch endless rubbish on TV , because you literally can’t move.

Yep, it’s acceptable to go from film to film whilst working your way through your choccies.

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8. You’ll get a little bit drunk much earlier in the day than usual.

With the fridge stocked full of booze, it’d be rude not to drink it. We bet that wine glass won’t leave your hand all day.

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9. You’ll start to feel hungry again.

Despite eating two weeks worth of food at lunchtime, the inevitable hunger will strike again. Good job the fridge is well stocked.

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10. You’ll feel sad when it’s nearly over.

We all get those Christmas blues around 10pm when the day is nearly over. But hey, Boxing Day is just round the corner, the fridge is full of leftovers, the cupboards are full of chocolate and you’ve got the day off work. It ain’t all bad.

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We hope you all have a fab Christmas!

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