Behind The Brand: Creative Stylist | EGO

Behind The Brand: Creative Stylist | EGO


We sat down for a quick catch up with our Creative Stylist, Aimee, to learn more about her role within the brand…


What is your role at ego?


My role at Ego, Is a Creative Stylist!


What does a typical day look like to you?


Every week I’m excited too see more and more designs come through that challenge me to style them creatively for the brand. A typical day for me will start with planning and preparation for the shoot day, from planning outfits to match the shoes, homepage and promotional campaigns. My main part when I work on planning my shoots, requires a lot of trend research from websites such as, WGSN, Pinterest, and Vogue so I am able to produce looks that are on trend, fresh and include what the Ego consumer wants.


What’s your favourite part of the job?


Being able to be as creative as I want, trying out new things and seeing my work progress and become real! A main part of my role which I love to do both in and outside of work, is keeping up to date with trends and fashion.


Creative Stylist Ego


Whats been your best memory since starting the job?


Getting offered to help style the A/W17 Campaign shoot after only being at EGO for over a month, was an amazing opportunity and seeing my work come to life on our website, was so overwhelming and amazing to see. I didn’t think an opportunity like this would usually come so soon, so I can’t thank the team enough for letting me show my styling skills and expand further into my dream.


What are you looking forward to in the future?


Learning and expanding on my skills more, growing with EGO and the team, seeing it expand even more bigger!


Creative Stylist Ego


What fashion trends have you seen develop since starting?


The fashion trends are continuously changing, from catwalk to street style. Bloggers being a main part of the selling for the brands clothing and accessories, which all keeps my role very exciting from week to week.


What advice would you give to those wanting to start a career in Styling?


To definitely stand out, be unique and always be yourself! Work hard and have a passion about it. Also to never give up, it’s a hard industry but what isn’t! By having the strive and passion in what you love, you will 100% go far and achieve your dreams.


Creative Stylist Ego


If you could give a piece of advice to someone with an interview for a fashion brand, what would it be?


Always be yourself! Stand out and show your creativeness, remember the brand wants you, and you want them! So show them what you can add to the brand to make it even bigger and better.


What is one of the bad aspects of your job?


This is a tough one, probably nothing! I love my job or I wouldn’t be doing it. The daily challenges and fast paced environment, is always something to keep up on. The EGO team are amazing too, always there to help with anything.

Creative Stylist Ego


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


I hope too see myself in charge of the brands campaign shoots, working along side of bigger names in the industry and having a bigger responsibility styling role for the brand.

You can follow Aimee on Instagram here.

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