Drawn ya' in with that amazin' puppy have I? Wondered what we we're sorry for? Then be sure to read a little further....

You've probably heard of/had feelin's like Sunday blues because let's be honest the weekend just goes far too quick. 

Well, here at EGO we've recently realised that like the Sunday blues there's defo a feelin' called cyber blues. And this kinda blues comes straight after all those amazin' deals come to an end after a weekend of crazy shoppin'.

If you're like us then you'll be gutted if that item you didn't get is back to full price and you're still dreamin' of it settin' up camp in your wardrobe. All I can say is don't fear you lovely lot as if your after some of our lovely shoes then head to the site for a discount of 10%.

At the till once you've totalled up your items then simply type in  'CYBERBLUES' to get that money off. As after all more money off is amazin', right.?!

See below some major shoe stylin' from our new stock which could be yours to style on up at the click of a little button. 


 Demi Lovin'

EGO loves the Demi boot. Toirtoishell in heel and differing finishes this is the boot of the season


Oh My Olivia


The new ultra high boot 'Olivia'. Fierce in look and sassy in style, this is the knee high for the fashionista in you  


Effie'in Hell

-What a heel.


Effie boots. Easily worn for instant stylin' whether it be night or day.  


-Wipe away those Cyber Blues, people. 

Happy shopping!

With Love, The EGO Team x