In this week’s edition of #EGOUNLOCKED we sat down with NYC based rapper DonMonique to chat about her life up to now, her current playlist and future goals…


Name: DonMonique

Age: 22

Location: BX/BK

Occupation: Rapper


Tell us about yourself in tweet form (you’ve got 140 characters!)

I'm Tha Don. Nobody is like me, at all. Born & raised in NY, never left until rap. Sounds kinda cliche but music kinda changed my life .


How did you end up where you are in life right now?

I ended up where I am now by pushing myself and believing in my dreams. Working smarter, not harder.


What’s been your proudest moment to date?

My proudest moment to date would probably have to be when Alexander Wang played my song in his fashion show at last year's fashion week. I happened to run into him that night and I performed at his after party. That day was so dope and unexpected. I never really participate in fashion week so that was pretty cool for me.


Who or what would you cite as your biggest inspiration?

As of right now, my inspiration is LIFE. I've been going to so many changes with my personal life, my career, etc'. I'm just taking in all these experiences good and bad and learning from them.



What’s on your playlist right now?

I'm usually not really hip when new music comes out but lately I've been listening to the new Future album that came out. I like HNDRX the best. Cardi B and Don Q's mixtapes are very fire as well. Bronx shit.


Describe your style in three words…

Comfortable, fly. Mine.



What’s one thing you cannot live without?

Weed definitely.


If you were a mood ring, what colour would you be?

Green because I'm always about gettin to that dolla bag! $$$



What are you most looking forward to in 2017?

So much. I'm in a movie that should be coming out sometime this year. I just scrapped my project that was supposed to come out last month to work on something way better, hopefully I can get it to you guys by April. Thirst Trap 2 EP this summer as well. More music and more visuals!





You can find DonMonique on Instagram here and Soundcloud here.


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