Essential spring layering guide

We all layered up to the maximum throughout winter to deal with the bitter cold and horrible weather. However, springtime is here and the temperatures are climbing, the sun is shining and flowers are blooming. Your social calendar is starting to fill up and your wardrobe is about to be used more than it has been in quite some time. Continue reading our helpful guide on spring layering and tips for  effectively layering clothes for spring.

Spring layering with jackets

Spring is a lovely time of year because temperatures are warmer than they’ve been for months, but they’re not so warm that it’s uncomfortable and humid. Whatever it is you’ve got planned in your social calendar throughout spring, whether it’s a day out drinking with friends or a garden party, you can comfortably layer up knowing you won’t be too hot.

The good thing about layering clothes for spring is that if you get a little too warm, you can take a layer off – like a jacket – but if there’s a chill in the air, you’re prepared for it and comfortable. Our women’s clothing range has a wide range of jackets that suit springtime, like this Belted Trench Coat in Faux Leather. Ideal for day drinking or a day out at the shops.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more colour, this Onion Quilted Cropped Gilet in pink is a bold choice. Gilets are a great option for spring layering because they keep your body warm and your arms free. Wear a sweatshirt underneath or a colourful shirt.

If gilets are what you think of when layering clothes for spring, but a shorter, pink one isn’t to your liking, this Longline Gilet might be perfect for you.

Trousers for spring layering

Don’t think the sunshine automatically means that your dresses can come out, because it might not be as warm outside as you think. With that in mind, you can’t really go wrong with a good pair of trousers. When pairing them with a pair of boots, trainers, and a jacket, you’ll be set up for a comfortable day outside during spring.

These High Waist Cargo Trousers, which are available in black and nude, are great for springtime. They’re extremely comfortable but are equally stylish, and you can pair them with so many items of clothing.

Similarly, these High Waist Mesh Insert Contour Leggings in Faux Leather provide the same combination of comfort and style. They’re brilliant for day drinking with friends, shopping trips and garden parties.

High waisted trousers are very trendy at the moment, and will continue to be throughout spring before midi and mini dresses become more popular in the summer. For something with a little more comfort, try these High Waist Seam Detail Leggings. Great for wearing with a pair of comfortable trainers or sliders and thick socks – another aspect of spring layering you can incorporate into your look.

Jumpsuits and co-ords

When layering clothes for spring, you want to ensure you’re covering up enough to remain warm on a cool afternoon when the sun hides behind the clouds. The problem with spring, though, is that the weather can change so quickly, from a breezy morning to a glorious afternoon, so prepare for it.

Wearing a jumpsuit underneath a sweatshirt, jumper or jacket can be a great way to prepare for whatever weather spring throws at you.

With that in mind, this Ribbed Plunge Jumpsuit is ideal for spring layering. The figure-hugging jumpsuit looks fantastic on its own, so if you have to take some layers off to cool down, it would still be a great outfit for the social event you’re attending.

Spring layering clothes at EGO

At EGO, we stay current with the fashion world and keep up with the latest trends. When looking for spring outfits, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for with us.

We don’t just sell dresses for women, though. We also sell a wide collection of footwear, like lace up heels, block heels, flats, trainers, sliders and more. Whatever you’re looking for, EGO can help you create the perfect outfit.

If you require any more assistance, or would like to speak to our team about the latest fashion trends, do not hesitate to contact us.


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