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London based YouTuber and all round babe EstareGrams is one of our biggest style crushes here at EGO HQ. With her sleek city-cool style combined with her bubbly personality, we just can’t get enough. We sat down for a quick Q&A with Esther to chat about her blogger crushes, fave snapchat filters & world domination…

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Zina, £34.99

1. Hey Esther! Tell us about yourself - What got you into Insta, Youtube, and posting your outfits online?

I'm A fashion and lifestyle blogger from London. I joined instagram when it was first released, I love the fact that it's an avenue for me to share my passion for beauty, lifestyle and fashion plus I've always had a passionate relationship with the camera hence the reason why majority of my posts are fashion related.

2. If you could throw a dinner party with any three people, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

Solange, James Cameron . I would have to include two of my closest friends as it wouldn't be a dinner party without them. Solange because I respect her creative eye. I feel that she visualises what could be perceived as a basic image and challenges your thoughts. Also, she became a young mother which I can also relate to. James Cameron because he wrote and directed 2 of my top favourite movies of all time (Titanic & Avatar).

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Selena, £39.99

3. Who is your ultimate style icon?

I don't have a particular style icon. However, I do appreciate how people use style to express their culture, religion, thoughts and the body. Over the years my appreciation for this continues to grow with my experiences.

4. What other blogger/Insta babes are you crushin' on right now?

Most definitely my entire TUBERGANG and Madison Calley (@calleysunshine), Sira (@inkmyafrica), Fisayo Longe (@fisayolonge), mega babes of life!

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Selena, £39.99

5. Current song you have playing on repeat?

Kranium 'we can' ft Tory Lanez

6. Do you have any life mottos that you live by?

'Be unapologetically you!', 'Be Real' and 'Live and love life!'

7. What’s one beauty product you can’t live without?

Carmex! Girl, dont nobody wanna be seen with dry lips!

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Amina, £29.99

8. Girl you’ve got 140 characters - Tell us what you’re about in tweet form!

Mmmmmm.....I rarely use twitter but I'd have to say, fun, spontaneous, outgoing, always up for a laugh!

9. If you could only use one snapchat filter forever, what would it be?

Its got to be the doggy filter

10. What’s next for Esther?

World domination...... *drops mic*

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Kirstin, £34.99




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