How To Have A Cute AF Halloween At Home

Ok so we admit it, 2020 ain’t been great. Not being able to get dolled up all spooky with the gals for our fave night of the year is disappointing to say the least.

BUT we’re determined not to let it ruin our Halloween, so we’ve made a lil list of things you can do to enjoy spooky SZN from the comfort of ya couch... 

Halloween Movie Night

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Turn on the fairy lights, light ya candles, grab ya fave blanket and a WHOLE lotta snacks, it’s time to snuggle up & start browsin' Netflix.

Whether you fancy a Halloween classic like Hocus Pocus or you're ready to fearlessly embark on a scary movie marathon, you’re sure to enjoy a cosy lil movie night at home.

Pumkin Carving

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No, you’re not too old to get carving a few pumpkins! We still enjoy it just as much as we did as kids & we ain’t mad about it.

Why not mix it up a lil this year and try something other than the ‘classic’ pumpkin face? From skulls to pamper pumpkins, there’s something for everyone! FYI, these are obvs gonna make for a cute Insta snap too, duh!

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Really not one for mess? Scrap the carving & just give ‘em a lick of paint instead! Paint ‘em pink or cover 'em in stars for a much girlier take on the creepy carving tradition.

Creepy Cocktails

how to have cute halloween at home

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Cocktails are ALWAYs the solution!

Get creative in the kitchen & mix up ya own sensationally spooky drinks. Think morbid martinis, spooky sangria, creepy cosmos, ghoulish G&T’s...the list could go on!

Throw a Virtual Halloween Party

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Erm WHO says you can’t still dress up?! Get ya freak on at home & join the girls via video instead! Create a creepy quiz or frighten ‘em with a Halloween cocktail masterclass.

Best bit? If your Halloween make-up look is a lil messy, they ain’t gonna spot that through Zoom!

Spooky Snacks

hoa to have cute halloween at home

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Make your own movie night snacks with a scary lil twist! Not quite the cooking queen? Give it a go! Even if your creepy cookies end up more drool than ghoul, at least it’ll end in giggles!


(Source: Pinterest)

Why not decorate a little, even if it is just you who’s gonna see it this year? Well, you & the whole of Instagram once you start showin’ off ya creations…

Dig out the old childhood decor or get creative at home (with the help of pinterest...obvs!).

Either way, adding  a spooky lil twist to traditional decor is a sure fire way to help get you in the Halloween spirit.

Decorate A Halloween Tree

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Yep, you heard that right. Apparently Halloween trees are a thing now. 

Whack out ya Christmas tree a month early & get decorating with all things orange & black! Pumpkins, skulls, bats, ghosts, spiders, they’re all on there.

Not quite sure how we feel about this Halloween tree trend, but it sure would get ya in the spooky spirit!

Ghoulish Groovin’

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Get into the monstrous mood with a spooky Spotify playlist! Yes, monster mash does HAVE to be on there. No arguments.

Creepy Candy

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Buy a LOT of Halloween candy. Eat it. ALL. That’s it. That’s the tea.

We hope you all have a the BEST spooky SZN! 

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