10 Things That Will Happen to Us At Festivals | EGO

We've been waiting months for this. We've been counting down the days, minutes and seconds until we head to our favourite festival. As an experienced festival attendee, there are few reality-check moments you should prep yourself for.

#1 The Weather

It's your number one fear. Great British weather. While we visioned ourselves with a glowing tan, sparkling glitter makeup - we can't always guarantee that a classic washout can simply ruin it all. Fear not, the high street stores are more than prepared so get yourself a waterproof mac (there's so many variations out there!) and some wellies!

#2 Festival Make Up Gone Wrong

You've studied Youtube tutorials of how to strategically decorate yourself in glitter, you should have a degree in it. We've got several Pinterest boards and Gypsy Shrine as our inspo, and we understand the difference between dewy and matte completely. But, on the actual day of the festival you're rushing...the button may have popped on your shorts, or your fringed kimono may have got caught on the door handle and you're now frantic. You're perfectly planned make up has gone into a horrendous Hobbycraft disaster. It's fine, we'll just not put this one Insta.

#3 Embracing Your Natural Beauty When You're Camping

Day one: we're going strong. Day two: we're struggling a bit, but nothing a little bit of dry shampoo and hairspray can't fix. Day Three: Take a picture of my outfit but please please please don't get my hair in. Day four: I'm over this - I'm paying extra next year for the hairdryers and straightners.

#4 Making BFFs with Random Strangers

Me: "OMG,I love this song" Random Girl One: "OMG Babe, me too!" Random Girl Two: "OMG, me three! We're soul sisters!" Me: "Let's be best friends." Ahh, the joys of making friends drunkenly at a music festival. The best thing is, despite the cringe of these conversations, you never ever see these gals again - ever.

#5 Not Being Able to See a Thing

We had a plan. It was like FBI level. We strategically plotted a way to get ourselves to the front, we wanted to be able to see the beads of sweat on Stormzy's head we would be that close. Instead we're stuck at behind some 6ft plus guy in the bulk of the back of the crowd. Oh well, better luck next year.

#6 Spending Hours in the Queue

"I'll BRB, just joining the queue for a drink" is basically a farewell to your mates. They don't tell you this prior to getting into the actual festival but be prepared to wait...a lot. I mean, it is expected and we can totally understand, right? WRONG! Imagine having to wait a good 45 minutes just to use a portaloo. Yup, this is probably the worst thing about festivals - and don't even get me started on people who jump the queue! *Insert angry emoji faces x 100 here*.

#7 Being Too Hungover for the Next Day

Why? Why? Why? This something we normally ask ourselves after a heavy night. But there's nothing worse than being too hungover to make it to the next day of the festival because we can't go five minutes without wanting to puke. Unless you don't drink of course, then skip to number 8!

#8 Losing Your Voice

It's all great singing along to your favourite band at the time - but the next day you'll be needing the lemon and honey water to soothe your throat and try and get your voice back.

#9 Regretting Buying Merchandise

Who needs to budget for bills and rent - this merchandise PROVES you were really there. You've bought the programme, the t-shirt, the CDs and the bracelets...oh and another t-shirt (you saw it in two colours, ok?)

#10 Missing Your Favourite Band

So it's bad enough you're at the back, and now you've missed your fave artist because you were either A) Busy standing in a queue or B) Trying to find the stage they were on - not gonna lie, some are harder to find than others, or C) you were too drunk to last.