How To Keep Your Feet Fierce In Heels

So your outfit is seriously on point, your high heel game is strong and you’re ready to dance the night away. Then BOOM pain strikes! There’s nothing more annoying than your feet feeling not so phresh when your night isn’t even half way through.


Fear not #EGOSQUAD - We’ve rounded up our favourite tricks to ensure that you’re feet will still be feeling fierce long after the music stops….

The sock trick...

Before your big night out, give your feet a treat by moisturising them before popping a sock on to wear whilst you sleep. When you wake up your feet will be super soft and sassin’ ready to slip into a pair of beaut high heels.



Deodorant helps…. No seriously

Here’s a trick #EGOSQUAD and trust us, it works! Spray your feet with deodorant before you put on your heels. This will help your feet to sweat less, which will stop your feet rubbing and blister forming. Give it a go!


Blogging bae Sarah Ashcroft in our Nadine lace up heels

Any excuse for a pamper session...

Every week give yourself a little pamper session and don't forget to give your feet some serious TLC. Soak them in warm water and give them a splash of your fave body wash or exfoliator to help soothe sad feet caused by hours of stompin’ in stilettos. 



Work a platform…

Just for one night and try a chunkier heel to help your feet last through hours of partying. A block heel or platform will help to keep your feet extra fierce - in the shoe game it’s like slipping on a pair of fluffy slippers.


What’s your best tip for keeping your feet PHRESH in heels?


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