Fly, Fit and Fab: The Ultimate Gym Playlist | EGO

We get it – it’s cold and miserable and the last thing any of us want to do is drag ourselves to the gym right now. This side of Summer it can feel pretty much like there’s no need to perfect that beach bod, but we’re here to help keep your motivation going and your booty looking bangin’ all year. All it takes is the proper motivation, right? What better way than the ultimate playlist to make the minutes on the elliptical fly by? We’ve got you, girl.

This is THE playlist full of songs you’ll wanna shake it to, featuring fast heart-pumpers to get that cardio going, plus motivational tunes that have lyrics to push you over the edge on that last set of killer squat reps. Or hop on the bike and treat this one like your own personal spin class inspiration…we promise you’ll reach the end having sweated out all that bad day vibe and feeling fabulous. If all else fails, just picture yourself in the music videos breaking someone’s heart with how good you look. Let’s dive in and see what’s keeping us pedalling, running, lifting and generally kicking the scale’s butt this month. You’re welcome!