Get Ready With EGO: Halloween Glam Skull Makeup.

Here at EGO we love Halloween, everything from the makeup to the sweets; we can’t get enough! Halloween for us is all about glamming up, chucking some glitter on and heading out with your besties. Recently, at EGO HQ we had the gorgeous Kira from @chynafacemua come in & show us this gorgeous glam skull look perfect for the weekend. The lovely people at Barry M Cosmetics also sent us some bits for a Halloween tutorial so keep on scrollin’ to see how you can get this sassin’ look for yourself.

Kira started the look off by applying some primer and a base that was lighter than her skin tone to get that ‘oh so dead’ vibe. If you can’t get hold of a lighter foundation, mixing a few pumps of what you already own with a white face paint will do the trick just as well.

She then took one of the Barry M Dazzle Dusts in a bright pink colour and started blending it all over her eyes. You can use any colour here, even a mixture of colours would work well for a candy skull look! For this, it doesn’t matter too much about being neat; the messier the better.

After dusting some of the pink powder onto her temples, Kira went in with a black Dazzle Dust all over her eyelid and under her eyes. She then used the Bold Black Waterproof Liner from Barry M to smoke out her lash line and line her eyes. Again, it doesn’t matter about being neat here. After a touch of mascara ( here’s where you can add some spooky false lashes too ) Kira used the same liner to draw on a jaw along her contour line. The key here is smudging, so once applied smudge the line down to make it look even messier. After that, highlight along the top of the line with a light concealer to make it pop out even more.

After highlighting, take a smidge of the pink shadow from earlier and apply it under the cheekbone to pull the look together. Then, Kira used a liquid liner to draw little lines over her lips to create the mouth. After drawing on basic lines, take the kohl liner used earlier to smudge the lines out a little.

Then it’s time to get cray with some glitter! Dab a little glitter glue, lip balm will also do the trick, along the gaps in the mouth and tap some glitter onto a brush then dab it on.  Kira is using the Barry M Fine Glitter Dust in Silver mixed with some of the Glitter Rush Body Glitter in Snow Globe although any colour glitter would work well here. She then added some to the inner corner of her eye and along her brows. Ta da! You’ve got yourself a glam skull.

To set the look, Kira used the Barry M Flawless Finish Makeup Setting Spray to ensure her skull would stay there all night, no matter how much dancing was going down.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Happy Halloween #EGOSQUAD!