Happy Nutella Day?

Happy Nutella Day!

You're probably thinkin' 'are you actually serious right now?', but yes, yes we are. 

On this amazin' day we find it only right to stick to tradition and stuff anything covered in Nutella right down our necks. 

But, the big question here at EGO is...like the creme egg.... How do you eat yours?

With Nutella being so good that it can be applied to anything, we thought our #EGOSQUAD staff could let you in on their tasty method. 



Emma L Ryan


-So, I'm pretty down with eatin' churros right now and I've not long found out that nutella can go with AND IN, churros.

That's what you'll find me doing come 5:30 and headin' home. 


nutella stuffed churros


Anjeli Patel

Marketing Manager

Your basic Nutella on toast kinda gal. If it aint broke dont fix it?


nutella on toast  


Cara Hitchner

Blogger Outreach

Spoon in hand and straight outta the jar


nutella out the jar with spoon



Helen Royle


-Rich tea dippin'


rich tea dippin' and nutella


-How do you like yours?


With Love, The EGO Team x