Hairstyles You Need For Your Vacay | EGO

As much as we love getting away for some sunshine, our hair just doesn't seem to co-operate most of the time when on holiday. It's either dry from the sun, frizzy because hairspray isn't as reliable as we thought, or it's greasy from the suncream and after sun concoctions. So, grab yourself some hair grips and scrunchies because we've got the best hairstyles that will disguise the dreaded holiday hair.

Scrunchie Saviour

If the thought hasn't crossed your mind, then we suggest you get ordering your old school scunchies now. A simple scrunchie can add some serious sass and a retro vibe to a simple ponytail


Difficulty level: expert. Get onto Youtube and study how to do french braids or boxer braids, because these will keep your hair out of the way when sunbathing round the pool, because as much as we love our long locks, it does get in the way in that heat. The best thing is, this is like learning to ride a bike - once you've got it, you've got it.

Messy Bun

Make messy look good. Okay, so we're not encouraging you to stroll down to the poolside with last nights make-up on and hair that makes you look like you've been in a fight with the hair brush, but a loose updo with a few strands of hair will make sure you're looking flawless on your way to the beach. This do works great with a pair of oversized sunglasses too!


If you've totally given up on fighting with your hair, you've lost the last of your hair grips in your suitcase and you're on the final drops of your detangling spray, a simple bandanna or head scarf can add some style points to your holiday hair.

Space Buns

The best thing about going on holiday is stepping out of our comfort zones. We're wearing embellished swimsuit, excessive fringing and bold prints, and of course space buns. This is a simple hairstyle that let's you play on the old school 90s trend. It's also a hairstyle worth nailing for any future music festivals coming up!

Cap it Off

We don't want to go overboard on the accessories this vacay (cause we need room for our sandals, right) but a classic baseball cap will cover any greasy roots (we're all guilty of it) caused by excessive tanning oil and suncream.

If you're seeking some more holiday inspo then make sure you check out our holiday shop for some last minute vacay buys, cause thank goodness for next day delivery!