How To Break In Your Boots

Boots, the epitome of your everyday season-to-season wardrobe rotation. Low-key and down for whatever, it’s no wonder boots are up there with our most favorite all-year-round purchases. From structured faux leather to platform or chunky soles and statement hardware details – staple boots look great with just about everything. But (there is always a but) with every brand new pair comes the inevitable reality of sore feet, blisters, and sometimes painful arches (Ugh). Before the dread sets in, look no further than our holy grail guide of tips and tricks on how to break in your boots. Follow these simple steps before styling up your new favorites.

Put a sock in it

When it comes to breaking in your new pair of boots, thick socks are your savior. If you don’t have chunky socks at hand, double up on your everyday pair. Throw them on under your boots and wear them around the house whilst you’re rustling up dinner or doing the cleaning (I want to break free-esque). This will help to stretch the leather, allowing it to mould to the shape of your feet. In winter months, blister-sensitive hiking socks may be worth investing in – they help break in your boots, plus they keep your feet toasty warm. A win win.

Time to heat things up

Whilst you have your boots on (and your thick socks under), use your hairdryer to add heat to the areas where rubbing may occur – at the back of the heel or the sides of your feet.

Word of warning! Ensure you don’t hold the hairdryer too close or leave the heat on too long to avoid any damage to your boots.

Preparation is key

Pre-empt any friction by wearing padded plasters on the areas where blisters usually occur, before they appear. This helps add additional padding and helps prevent friction from the offset… A little preventative medicine goes a long way when breaking in boots or shoes.

Time heals everything

You’re going to want to rock your new boots from dusk ‘til dawn and coffee run to dancefloor. Try not to wear your new boots for too many days in a row and for the first few wears it may be wise to bring with you some back-ups. Style up your new ones first thing in the morning when your feet are at their coolest, then as soon as you feel your feet start to swell or blister, swap into something more comfy.


These tips can also be used for breaking in shoes, Trainers and those heels hiding at the back of your closet. You’re welcome.

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