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It’s Easter Monday and we can guarantee you spent most of yesterday stuffing your face with chocolate. If you’re not already sick of it, we bet you will be soon. So, here’s ten simple steps to beat your chocolate hangover...


Step 1: Eat more chocolate


We’re kidding. But if you have loads left over, we won’t judge if you nibble a bit more before cutting it out. One final goodbye won’t hurt right?  


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Step 2: Consider eating some veg


Your insides need detoxing and veg is the way to go. If it’s green, eat it. Although mint chocolate doesn’t count...


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Step 3: Go for a walk


Walking off a hangover always helps, plus you’ll burn up some of the calories from yesterday.


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Step 4: Drink some water


It’s a no brainer. You need to rehydrate.


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Step 5: Hide all leftover chocolate


Out of sight, out of mind. Failing that hide yourself instead.


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Step 6: Try your best not to relapse


Going cold turkey is hard, so you’re gonna get withdrawal symptoms at some point. Stay strong.

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Step 7: Seek help

You’re about to break and eat more chocolate, it’s time to seek help. Ask a friend or join a group, It might help.


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Step 8: Talk it out


Talking through your chocolate addiction might be good for you. A friend is probably (deffo) going through the same thing.


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Step 9: Admit defeat


Admit it, you can never fully give up chocolate. It’s time to stop kidding yourself and indulge, you deserve it.


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Step 10: Repeat


Overeat and start again. It’s a vicious cycle.

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