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It’s official. Christmas is over, January is well under way and Blue Monday is here. Aka the most depressing day of the year. Here’s the tips you need to follow to ensure you don’t look like the crying Kim K face by the end of the day.

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1. TLC...


We all know a good pamper followed by a Netflix session is the quickest way to feel better. So run yourself a bath, light some candles, whack on a face mask and binge-watch your fave TV show. We promise it’ll help.


2. Catch up with friends…

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The best way to survive the most depressing day of the year is by surviving it together. So call up your besties, go for drinks or grab lunch and have fun. Who said January had to be dull?


3. Treat yourself to some new shoes…

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It’s scientifically proven that shopping soothes the soul. So grab your card and shop from the comfort of your sofa with a big bowl of ice cream. Our new in section is looking pretty cute right now...


4.  Do something different…

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 The daily grind is one of the reasons why Blue Monday got its name. So instead of doing the whole wake up - go to work - go to sleep deal, why not mix it up a little and do something more fun? Head out to the cinema, go out for dinner or go out out. Whatever works best for you; just don’t stick to your usual routine.


5.  Remember it’s not actually real…

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 Blue Monday is just a name right? Sure January isn’t the best of months but a name doesn’t define what kind of Monday you’re going to have. So get out there and own it; make it the best Monday you’ve ever had. Nothing is stopping you.


You got this! 




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