10 Snug Slippers for Staying Home in Style

Well, it’s safe to say 2021 hasn’t quite got off to the fresh, fun start we’d all hoped for… We’ve jumped straight into a new year and straight back into lockdown, ugh! While it kinda sucks that we have to spend the next month or so inside, we know it’s for the greater good and hey, you can still look cute AF while doing it!

Staying in doesn’t have to mean laying around donning a Bridget Jones style can still look cool while feelin' comfy. If your off duty ‘drobe is in serious need of an update, then look no further! We’ve got ALL the snug slippers your 'drobes been missing! Plus, they’re ALL 50% off RN

Kulture - £16.99

Kulture Slippers

If you’re a boujee babe and wanna add a touch of glam to your WFH attire, then these are the perfect pair of slippers for you!

Shop Kulture HERE

Boo - £9.99

boo slippers | EGO

From nude, to baby pink, to black, there’s a pair of Boo slippers to suit EVERY taste! Experience ultimate comfort in these cute AF slippers, guaranteed to keep you snug while looking stylish!

Shop Boo HERE

Indulge - £9.99

Indulge Slippers | EGO

Feels like walkin’ on a cloud! These dreamy slider slippers are THE comfiest things you’ll ever wear, we promise. They also add a luxe touch to any loungewear set, givin’ you that premium vibe for half the price!

Shop Indulge HERE

Belle - £9.99

Belle Slippers | EGO

If platforms are your ideas of perfection, then the Belle slippers were made for you! Chunky sole slippers are our THING and these have GOT to be our faves! Whether you’re teaming them with a cute matchin’ loungewear set or styling them up with some sassy socks, you can’t go wrong with this sug AF pair of slippers!

Shop Belle HERE

Go on girl, treat yourself to an extra AF pair of snug slippers & stay home in style.

Get Giftin’: Treat Yo’self With Ya Christmas Cash

If you're feelin' a lil more loaded than usual right now after being kindly gifted some well deserved dollars for Christmas this year, but are struggling to decide what to spend it on, then look no further!

We've got a new kinda gift guide for ya, one that includes spendin' the money on YOU & ONLY you instead...What's not to love?!

2020's been a rough year gal & you deserve to treat yo'self! We've rounded up 10 gorgeous gifts that you should 100% treat yourself to...

1. True Square Toe Lace Up Clear Perspex Heel In Red Faux Leather

2. Teddy Chain Detail Oversized Shopper Bag In Dark Brown Faux Fur

3. Come-Thru Strappy Square Toe Clear Perspex Sling Back Heel In Red Faux Leather

4. Mae Quilted Cross Body Bag In White Faux Leather

5. Latte Fluffy Stripe Slipper In Grey Faux Fur

6. Boujee Premium Crystal Dollar Bill Cross Body Bag In Silver

7. Beyond Woven Detail Closed Toe Flared Heel Mule In Tan Brown Faux Leather

8. Diamante Detail Tights In Black Fishnet

9. Ashe Lace Up Detail Chunky Sole Ankle Biker Boot In Black Faux Leather

10. Beret Hat In Black Felt

Don't forget, EVERYTHING is 50-80% right now, so what's stopping you?

Last Min Gift Guide: 10 Stocking Fillers They Won't Return

gift guide

If you haven't started your Christmas shopping yet & are starting to SERIOUSLY panic, stop! Take a deep breath, we've got your back girl! 

Stop frantically searching for the perfect presents, we've done the hard work for ya! Whether you’re looking for sassy stocking stuffers or the ULTIMATE gift for ya gal, we’ve got everything you need & more!

Plus, we guarantee these are gifts she WON’T wanna return come Boxing Day…

You've gotta be quick though gal, order before 9pm on 23rd December to get in time for Christmas!

1. Mika Checked Chain And Purse Detail Cross Body Bag In Brown Faux Leather

2. Towny Cut Out Block Heel Detail Over The Knee Thigh High Long Boot In Tan Brown Faux Leather

3. Melody Purse Detail Cross Body Bag In Black Nylon

4. Flame Pocket Detail Lace Up Chunky Sole Ankle Biker Boot In Black Faux Leather

5. Pixie Ribbon Detail Grab Bag In Pink Perspex

6. Boo Fluffy Stripe Slipper In Blush Pink Faux Fur

7. Diamante Butterfly Detail Anklet In Silver

8. True-Drip Diamante Detail Lace Up Square Toe Clear Perspex Heel In Black Patent

9. First Class Slogan Sport Socks In White

10. Pumpkin-Spice Fluffy Faux Fur Platform Slipper In Pink Faux Suede

QUICK! Order RN to get in time for Christmas!

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Strugglin' To Find The Perfect Christmas ‘Fit? 8 Cute Christmas Day Looks You’ll LOVE

What ARE you supposed to wear on Christmas day? Are we meant to get glam, keep it casual? Well girl, we’re sorry to say there’s no right or wrong answer, you can wear wherever the hell you feel like!

Struggling to think of a cute Christmas Day ‘fit? Can’t decide between living it up in ya loungewear or getting all glammed up? We’ve got you covered girl!

Whether you're going all out and getting your glam on, keeping it casual or lounging about in ya comfies, we’ve got all the Christmas Day outfit inspo you need to get feelin’ festive AF...

Sleigh in sliders

ego sliders

(Source: @sayehfbaby @bethanmccoy @hannahemilywhite)

Fancy keepin’ is casual but still looking chic? Why not throw on a pair of sliders with ya fave jogger set or your most extra AF dress...we won’t judge!

If you’re a lil hungover from a boozy night in with the girls, then we’d recommend opting for the sliders option...

Shop sliders HERE

Family walk, but make it chic

ego boots

(Source: @bethmccreadie, @lauren_bakewell, @lidiabayliszullo, @becs__x-steele)

Planning on taking a big family walk Christmas day? In need of a comfy ‘fit but still wanna be feelin’ yo’self? Take inspo from these mega babes showing us EXACTLY how to upgrade our casual attire...

Shop boots HERE

Chunky boots & ya fave dress

boots ego

(Source: @emilyrosemoloney, @oliviamcveigh_, @sian.owenx)

If you wanna get a lil dressy while still keeping comfy, why not throw on a killer pair of chunky boots with your fave dress?

Shop boots HERE

Level up ya loungewear


(@ayolao, @wandizen)

Loungewear doesn’t always have to be casual…

Enjoy ultimate comfort in ya fave loungewear set, while still looking luxe in your most extra pair of heels. This is the ULTIMATE at-home Christmas ‘fit.

Shop Heels HERE

Upgrade your casual attire

(Source: @badgyalshanshan, @primalaprincess)

If you’re the kinda girl that wants to look nice, while feeling super cosy & comfy, we've found you the perfect 'fit! Take inspo from a our fave girls showing us how to easily upgrade our casual attire with bad a** boots..


The extra AF looks

extra heels ego

(Source: @demijones1, @kamoonc, @nataliemachera)

Christmas Day = An excuse to wear our most extra AF ‘fits. You know, the ones you’ve been saving for a ‘special occasion’ the WHOLE of 2020? Take inspo from Demi & the girls and go ALL out this Christmas.

Besides, with no Christmas parties taking place this year, if you’re not gonna go all out on Christmas day...when are you?!

Shop new in NOW

Drippin’ in diamante

Christmas Day Outfit

(Source: @lauren_bakewell, @rosehardingx, @justine.dlk)

Christmas = Sparkle SZN. The perfect excuse to spend the day drippin' in diamonds from the comfort of ya home. What's not to love?


Stay snug in slippers

(Source: @charlottedawsy, @__k.wx, @kaylabanderson)

Wondering what to wear to spend Christmas on the couch? Your fave slippers, duh! Snuggle up in ya comfies and add an extra AF pair of fluffy slippers. Who says you can’t still look cute while feelin’ comfy?

Shop snug slippers you need RN

Oops, did we inspire a lil shopping session? Our bad! Treat yourself  to 50% off RN girl, I mean it is the season & all...

Our 10 Fave Holiday Books to Binge on the Lounger (or on the sofa!) 

Remember the days when we could jet off to exotic locations worry free, to spend days on end laying around in the sunshine with nothing better to do than binge read all our favourite holiday books? No, we can barely remember that either… 

Holidays might have been cancelled this year, but we can still get into the staycation spirit by enjoying a holiday book or two from the comfort of our couch. The sofa is the new sunlounger, didn’t you know?

What better time to work through our list of holiday books than while we’re all staying home? If you’re looking to get lost in fiction, learn something new or read all about your fave celebs, we’ve rounded up our absolute favourite holiday books that you need to get binging asap!

Whether it’s a summer or winter holiday you’re missing out on this year, why not get in the staycation spirit with our 10 fave holiday books to binge on the lounger at home...

  1. Women Don't Owe You Pretty by Florence Given

This book is an absolute must read. Florence hits us with a LOT of uncomfortable truths, but all ones we needed to hear, ngl. Taking us along on her feminism journey, Florence talks you through recognising your privilege, subconscious bias, teaches you how to fall in love with yourself and much, MUCH more!

Women Don't Owe You Pretty by Florence Given Book Cover

(Source: Pinterest)

  1. The Hungover Games by Sophie Heawood

Refreshingly honest, terribly funny and dark in places. The Hungover Games tells the turbulent tale of a young, single Mum trying to maneuver her way through life’s many challenges. If you fancy escaping into another world full of twists and turns with a few giggles along the way, then this book is perfect for you!

The Hungover Games by Sophie Heawood Book Cover

(Source: Penguin Books)

  1. Becoming by Michelle Obama 

Everyone’s favourite First Lady discusses her life experiences, upbringing, hopes and connections. Who wouldn’t want to read the autobiography of such a strong, brave and inspirational woman? This book is perfect if you’re looking for a little motivational inspiration or just plain old escapism.

Becoming by Michelle Obama Book Cover

(Source: Penguin Random House)

  1. You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

Fed up of forever doubting yourself? Then this one’s for you! Consider it a self-help book for people who don’t want to ask for help… Jen’s refreshing honesty helps you to become the badass b*tch you really are in work, relationships & other areas of life. It’s a real feel-good book filled with genuine stories and life experiences, we guarantee you’ll love it!

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero Book Cover

(Source: Running Press)

  1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

If the title alone doesn’t make you want to read this book immediately, we’re judging you!

Consider this a self-help book for those who want to cut the niceties. Mark’s blunt honesty is exactly what we love about this book! It’s full of that tough love we all hate to appreciate, like a best friend in a book.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson Book Cover

(Source: Amazon)

  1. Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney

Escape reality and get lost in ‘Conversations with Friends’. Think love triangles, confusion, affairs and much more. If you’re looking to lose your head in a sea of fictional gold, then this book is perfect for you! 

Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney Book Cover

(Source: blackwells)

  1. Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay

Roxanne talks us through her unique brand of ‘bad’ feminism. This book is for anyone who feels like they don’t always fit the text book definition of a ‘feminist’, because nobody’s perfect and like Roxanne says it’s better to be a ‘bad’ feminist, than not be one at all.

Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay Book Cover

(Source: mprnews)

  1. The Rules Do Not Apply by Ariel Levy

The Rules Do Not Apply by Ariel Levy Book Cover

Ariel tells us EXACTLY why she thinks conventional rules should not apply. She knew from a young age that she wanted to be "the kind of woman who is free to do whatever she chooses", she’s painfully honest throughout and takes us along on her fun, rule-breaking journey, until heartbreak hits.

(Source: Penguin Random House)

  1. Bad Girls Through History by Ann Shen

Bad Girls Through History by Ann Shen Book Cover

It’s literally a book full of women who changed the world. This book details 100 iconic women who all had a huge impact on the world, all from different perspectives, places and phases of life. If you’re looking for a cute coffee table book that’s also filled with incredibly inspirational stories of strong women, then this one’s for you.

(Source: WHSmith)

  1. How To Fail: Everything I’ve Ever Learned From Things Going Wrong by Elizabeth Day

(Source: annamorrison)

Failing, something none of us are really that great at dealing with if we’re honest, are we? Elizabeth’s story starts when she’s binging on hummus post-break-up and decides to launch her own podcast. Covering a range of topics from dating to children, along the way Elizabeth teaches us that there’s actually a lot of positives we can take from failing. If you’re looking to turn your failures into a positive, learning curb, then this is the book for you.

If you’re less of a holiday book reader and more of a fashion or pop culture addict, why not have a read through our blog? From style steals and top trends to gift guides and star sign secrets, we’ve got something for everyone! Get browsin’ our blog HERE

Get Giftin’: 12 Gifts For The Girl Who's Impossible To Buy For

You know that ONE girl who you seriously struggle to think of a gift for EVERY Christmas?! We feel your pain! It can feel like a never ending nightmare trying to think of the perfect present for some people!

Whether you’re shopping for the girl who has everything (& more!), or someone who’s just crazy picky,  there’s no need to panic! We’ve rounded up 12 gifts she’s sure to love...

gift guide

1. Floral Print Socks In Black Lace

The devils in the details. If she loves a luxe look, she's sure to love these lace socks. Perfect for adding a luxe touch to every 'fit.

2. Tropez Square Toe Quilted Heel Mule In Red Faux Leather

If statement styles her thing, she's gonna LOVE these mules!

3. Alabama Pointed Toe Over The Knee Thigh High Long Sock Boot

Slick, stylish & sophisticated? She's sure to love these thigh high sock boots!

4. Daisy Print Socks In Pink Mesh

If she loves to level up her look with all the extra AF edge, these Daisy print socks would make a great gift!

5. Goal-Getter Pointed Toe Ankle Sock Boot In Pink Knit

The Goal-Getter Sock Boots are guaranteed to add an effortlessly chic touch to any look. 

6. Belle Fluffy Platform Slipper In Pink Faux Fur

Shopping for a gal who loves cosy Sunday's at home? The Belle slippers would make the perfect gift!

7. Glitter Star Detail Socks In Nude Mesh

Looking for something fashionable, but a lil festive? The Gitter Star Detail Socks are ideal for adding a subtle sparkle to her 'drobe.

8. Captivating Woven Detail Square Toe Heel Mule In Black Faux Leather

This season's must-have heels, she's never going to forget this gift!

9. Diamante Lock Detail Chain Anklet In Rose Gold

Giftin' a girl who loves a little glamour? Then the Diamante Lock Detail Anklet would make the perfect present!

10. Tata Fluffy Stripe Platform Slipper In Grey Faux Fur

Stuck for ideas for the girl who's got EVERYTHING?! Wanna know what she's missing? An extra AF pair of fluffy slippers, duh!

11. Chevron Detail Anklet In Silver

If you're looking for a simple, classy gift without breaking the bank, then the Chevron Anklet is exactly what you've been missing!

12. Stallion Diamante Detail Thigh High Long Sock Boots

If she's Molly-Mae obsessed, she's sure to love these killer heels from Molly's collection!

Fancy treating yourself while you're at it? Girl, you deserve it! Treat yourself to 50% off EVERYTHING online RN

Get Giftin’ Early: 10 Must-Have Bags

Christmas is creeping up quicker than expected and with the shops shut this year, we're having to do ALL our Christmas shopping online, which is a lil daunting to say the least! But we're here to make that a WHOLE  lot easier for you!

Struggling to source the perfect gift for ya girl this year? Don't worry, we've done the hard work for you!

We've rounded up the 12 must-have bags of the season that ANY fashion forward girl is sure to love...

gift guide

1. Maldive Box Vanity Bag In Pink Perspex

Perfect for the girl who LOVES to make a statement.

2. Issy Curved Cross Body Saddle Bag In Tan Brown Faux Leather

Guaranteed to match all her fave winter looks!

3. Mika Checked Chain And Purse Detail Cross Body Bag

This one is perfect for the boujee girl on your list!

4. Boujee Premium Crystal Dollar Bill Cross Body Bag

Shopping for a girl that's extra AF? This ones for her!

5. Chill Ruched Handle Grab Bag

Every girl needs a little black bag to match their fave LBD.

6. Nellie Super Mini Grab Bag In Textured Black Snake Print Faux Leather

This cute lil black bag is a classic & one she'll treasure forever.

7. Willow Ruched Handle Gathered Bag

Everyone's obsessin' over the Willow bag rn.

8. Pixie Ribbon Detail Grab Bag In Pink Perspex

If she likes to get her glam on, she's sure to love the Pixie Grab Bag!

9. Queen Mini Grab Bag In Gold Diamante

Giftin' a diamante loving girl? We bet she'd love this Grab Bag!

10. Vera Ruched Shoulder Bag

This season's must-have bag. The perfect present for the trendsetter who's almost impossible to buy for!

Fancy gifting yourself too? Shop 50% off our WHOLE site RN...

11 Celebrity Recipes You HAVE To Try Out For Yourself

From Kylie Jenner’s famous shrimp tacos and GiGi Hadid’s vodka pasta to Chrissy Tiegan’s delicious tuna melt, there are so many celeb recipes that we want to try like...right now!

We’re always taking styling tips from our fave celebs, but we’re ready to take it to the next level & start stealing all their yummy recipes too!

Seeing as we’re spending a little more time at home and getting kinda bored, ngl. We’ve rounded up our favourite celebrity recipes that you just HAVE to try out for yourself.

Kylie Jenner’s Shrimp Tacos

11 Celebrity Recipes You HAVE To Try Out For Yourself

(Source: YouTube)

We’re throwing it right back to 2016, when Kylie teamed up with with Karrueche Tran and took to YouTube to show us exactly how to whip up her famous shrimp tacos.

Get the recipe straight from King Ky herself HERE 

Lizzo’s Vegan McDonald’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich 

11 Celebrity Recipes You HAVE To Try Out For Yourself

(Source: TikTok)

Fed up of the limited vegan fast food options? Girl, Lizzo’s got you covered! Her vegan alternative to the McDonald’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich looks too good not to eat!

See her super quick & easy tutorial on her TikTok RN 

Kylie Jenner’s Noodles 

11 Celebrity Recipes You HAVE To Try Out For Yourself

(Source: Snapchat)

Remember back in April when TikTok went wild for Kylie’s noodles?

Well if you haven’t already tried them like the rest of us, you’re SERIOUSLY missing out! Just throw a few more kitchen cupboard essentials on top of ya super noodles & enjoy!

Get ya hands on the full recipe HERE

Gigi Hadid's Vodka Pasta

11 Celebrity Recipes You HAVE To Try Out For Yourself

(Source: Instagram)

Earlier this year when we were all speculating GiGi's possible pregnancy, she distracted us with her scrumptious spicy vodka pasta recipe instead!

We haven't tried it ourself yet, but judging by the pics we KNOW we're gonna love it!

Steal GiGi's recipe HERE

Kendall’s Pasta & Peas

11 Celebrity Recipes You HAVE To Try Out For Yourself

(Source: Pinterest)

Kenny's known for her minimal style & apparently she likes to keep things simple in the kitchen too! 

This one's great for those of us who wanna cook fancy celeb recipes, but don't quite have the culinary skills to pull it off!

Get ya hands on Kendall's full recipe HERE

Kris Jenner's Brownies

11 Celebrity Recipes You HAVE To Try Out For Yourself

(Source: E! News)

The queen of the Kardashian’s AND the kitchen! If Kris Jenner says these are the best brownies around, we ain’t questioning it!

Get the full recipe HERE

Taylor Swift ‘s Cookies

11 Celebrity Recipes You HAVE To Try Out For Yourself

(Source: Instagram)

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny these cookies look delicious!

Feelin' peckish? Get ya baking gloves on & have a quick read of Taylor's recipe HERE

Beyoncé’s Guacamole

11 Celebrity Recipes You HAVE To Try Out For Yourself

(Source: Pinterest)

This one time Queen B made guacamole, so we made guacamole.

We're literally OBSESSED with anything Beyoncé does/wears/eats/touches & her Guac recipe is no different, it's delicious!

Get her full recipe HERE

Chrissy Tiegen's Tuna Melt

11 Celebrity Recipes You HAVE To Try Out For Yourself

(Source: Pinterest)

You know when it's lunch time & you're hungry, but you don't actually fancy anything & no matter how many trips you take to the fridge you're left feeling completely uninspired?

Yep, well this is the perfect meal for those days! 

Up ya toastin' game with her recipe RN

Blake Lively's Mixed Berry Shortcake

11 Celebrity Recipes You HAVE To Try Out For Yourself

(Source: Pinterest)

Blake's shortcake is to DIE for! We bet even Mary Berry can't whisk up anything THIS good!

Steal Blake's recipe HERE

Lady GaGa's Bolognese

11 Celebrity Recipes You HAVE To Try Out For Yourself

(Source: Instagram)

Lady GaGa certainly got fans talking back in August when she added a side of brussel sprouts to her bolognese?! Weird, we know!

But we were kinda here for the secret Rosé addition ngl...

Get ya chef's hat on & steal GaGa's recipe HERE