5 April Fool’s Pranks Guaranteed To Have Your Housemates Confused AF.

False new releases, TV shows and reunions, April Fool’s is just a day to prove how gullible we all are. We can’t even count how many times we were let down on the day and then when you find out it was just a classic April Fool’s joke, you spend the rest of the day wishing they were true.


Here are some of the best April Fool’s pranks of all time, that are super easy to execute, and barely cost a thing.


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The 10 Unspoken Rules Of The First Date

Girls, we all know first dates can be an absolute nightmare so if you’ve got yours on Valentine’s weekend we’re here to help with the Unwritten Rules Of The First Date! One read of these and you’ll be sweeping him right off his feet, we got you sis! 

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