10 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow ASAP

Instagram is one of our favourite social channels. We could happily spend hours scrolling through pics of cute puppies, amazing outfits and drool-worthy food. Incase you’re not yet clued up on the best accounts to follow, here’s 10 of our faves to get you started...



Love dogs? Then you need to be following dogsofinstagram. Constant photos of super cute dogs are just what you need to see when you’re flicking through your phone of your break at work. Alternatively if you’re not a dog person, cats_of_instagram may be more suited to you.

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Everyone’s fave comedy gal has an insta made of comedy gold. From funny videos, to hilarious photos alongside a host of lol worthy captions; Amy’s instagram is always on point. Her personality shines through brilliantly and it’s an account you don’t want to miss.

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Whether or not you’re a fan of her style, you can’t not admit that watching an 88 year old lady dress like a 18 year old whilst twerking and getting selfies with celebs is absolutely hilarious. Her sassy rainbow-inspired style and care-free attitude are so refreshing to see. She simply doesn’t care.  

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You may recognise this guy from going viral a while back; he’s pretty funny. Peeje photoshops himself in with some very famous celebrities and the results are brilliant.

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Now we’re 95% sure you’re probably already following Kylie Jenner but just incase you aren’t, you should be. Expect a ton of selfies, outfit posts and pics with her ultra famous friends and family. She also posts the latest Kylie Cosmetics launches too so well worth a follow so you don’t miss any.

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This page is so so so addictive to watch. A simple concept of clips of people doing their nails makes for seriously good entertainment. We challenge you to not get hooked.

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Cara’s insta is the perfect mix of funny and cool, just like her. Her photos make us laugh and make us so wish we were her. What a babe.

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This NYC based restaurant is giving us serious food-spo. Serving up some high calorie goods, both savoury and sweet, this page is full of naughty diet-ruining treats that will make your mouth water instantly. Be warned.

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Queen Bee is not only the queen of pop but also the queen of insta. Here she shares a gorgeous insight into her otherwise reasonably private social life. Expect aww-worthy pics of Blue & Jay, amazing vacation pics and behind the scenes tour shots. Be prepared to be even more jealous of her majesty.

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Huda is well known for being a beauty fanatic. A former blogger now with her own makeup line, she’s a pretty big deal. She posts a lot of makeup videos / vines to her page which are fascinating to watch, especially the eyebrow threading ones!

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