International Day of Happiness | EGO

It's Tuesday 20th March 2018 International Day of Happiness and you've left your lunch at home, stepped on a plug and your hair is starting to frizz. Relax, breathe and laugh. Here's things that will crack a smile and celebrating in no time.

Puppy Love

Even Kim K couldn't give into the cuteness of her pup, Sushi. Sometimes you just need a good ten minutes playtime with a pup or a cute Frenchie screensave to get you through your day and lift your mood.

Bang On Make-up

You all know that little secret happy dance you do when that wing is pristine, and OMG, that shine on your new highlighter? Give us our Make-up artist degree now please.

Happy Hour = Happy You

And how else shall we celebrate this fab new highlighter on ruler straight eyeliner? Happy hour of course (the clue is in the name).

Chocolate...and lots of it

If you haven't cracked yet and still miserable, then its an SOS situation. Desperate times call for desperate measures. It's time to get yourself a chocolate fix. If this doesn't get a grin, then are you even human?

A Soak

Ahhh, sometimes you just need a classic, good old soak in a tub. You can take inspo and raid your neighbour's garden for some fresh rose petals, or you can just treat yourself to a bath bomb to sass up your bath. Winner.

Pizza, ofc

We thought we would save the best for last of course. Guaranteed to lift your mood is some carb and cheese loaded. Get dialling your local Italians now to celebrate International Day of Happiness, and you can literally say CHEEEESE and smile (sorry, we had to). Wishing all you gals in the #EGOSQUAD an amazing day.