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As Beyonce sung it, who runs the world? GIRLS! It was pretty hard to choose only ten, cause every gal is amazing obvs, but we had to narrow it down to ten of the most inspirational women on the planet right now. These are women who have faced endless backlash, hate and social media trolling – and have they changed? Have they f*ck. So let’s raise a toast to International Women’s Day.

#1 Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham hasn’t just changed the limits of the model industry, she has shattered them. The plus sized model has received continuous backlash for her curves, but she has continued to defy them. Now, the model is a judge on ANTM, and a body activist and encourages us all to feel comfortable in our own body.

#2 Michelle Obama

The former first lady, Missus Michelle Obama, encourages us all to stand up for what believe in and to be strong. In fact, Michelle has created her own campaign, ‘Let Girls Learn’ that aims to help educate 62 million girls who are not in school.

#3 Stella McCartney

When fashion graduate Stella McCartney announced she was going to start her own fur-free fashion line back in 2001, she was told she would never be successful as the fashion world thrived on fur. Now, she’s running a globally recognised and celebrity favourite fashion brand, and designers are now more against fur.

#4 Emma Watson

Besides starring in the Harry Potter movies and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson is a real life heroine. She was appointed as an UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in 2014 for her activism towards equality for females. In fact, Emma has inspired some women’s march signs, which you can read in our blog too by clicking here Even though she received continuous amounts of backlash and negative comments from the media and critics, Emma still fights for what is right making her the perfect role model for us all.

#5 Amy Schumer

Another movie star using her status to support other women is Amy Schumer. The comedy actress was slated for her curves (like, really?) when she featured on the cover of a magazine in a swimsuit. This then led onto her being categorised as a plus size figure (again, really?) and she publicly slated the magazine on her Instagram page. We can’t help but admire her courage and bravery for objecting against the tabloids and media’s sh*tty claims that she’s plus size. But, the comedian is having the last laugh as she is the first woman to appear on Forbes’ list of top-paid comedians.

#6 Winnie Harlow

Chantelle Winnie, aka Winnie Harlow shot to fame in America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21. Winnie has overcome bullying as a child and prejudice in the modelling industry,
but now she is internationally recognised and is walking runways across fashion week, and you wanna know the best part? She’s only 23. The model who has the skin condition, vitiligo, has inspired other people with this skin type to overcome any negative remarks and comments about their skin. Winnie has changed the face of modelling for all of the right reasons.

#7 Kelly Holmes

Olympic gold medalist and OBE Kelly Holmes inspires us to never give up. A year before her gold medal win in the 2004 Athens Olympics, she was suffering from depression and self-harmed every time she was injured in training. She now uses this personal experience to support others, and wants to banish the idea that ‘we’re not good enough’.

#8 Oprah Winfrey

American host Oprah Winfrey is considered to be one of the most influential and charitable celebrities. She has broken what was once a male-dominated media industry. She has also founded The Oprah Winfrey Foundation which has donated millions to causes to prevent poverty and child abuse across the globe.

#9 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga burst onto our phones with her hit Just Dance followed by Pokerface, and she hasn’t gone anywhere since. Using her obscure and bizarre taste in outfit choices (meat dress anyone) Lady Gaga has achieved so much. Mother Monster, uses her fame to encourage inclusivity.

#10 Cher

In an era where women were told to settle down and find a rich man, songstress Cher proved to us how to achieve our dreams. Even now, critics are telling the 70 year old ‘to tone it down’ but Cher continues to defy them and do whatever she wants – goals, right?

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