Layla Panam is the flyest, most badass blogging babe you’re gonna wish you heard about sooner. We sat down to chat with her about blogging, her style and her current playlist...


1. Hey Layla! Your style is on fire! Tell us about you; What does a day in the life of Layla Panam look like?

I love to start my day by doing my emails, I need them to be up to date! Then I’ll get ready, shoot some looks for either my blog or instagram depending on the day of the week.


2. How did you get into the blogging/Insta game?

I did a degree in Fashion Design and went on to do an internship at Vivienne Westwood. I did my blog on the side and it took off so I left to pursue my blogging career.



3. How do you think your best friend would describe your personal style?

Kardashians on a budget, I’ve been told! Ha ha!


4. What celeb's style would you’d love to steal?

Give me Kim K’s wardrobe any day! I need every piece of Yeezy Season there is.



5.  Who is your ultimate girl crush?

Kylie J. I love her, a real girl boss.


6. When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?

When my new house bunny weed on my sister! I couldn’t help myself.



7. If you could be stuck on a desert island with 3 other celebs/influencers, who would you choose and why?

Kanye West - I think he is an absolute genius.

Virgil Abloh - I am obsessed with everything he does.

Stormzy - He seems hilarious, if you don’t have him on snapchat you need to add him!


8. Album you currently have playing on repeat?

Migos - Culture



9. Proudest moment to date?

Graduation with a BA honours in Fashion Design is still amazing for me. Secondly would be just working with some amazing brands I’ve loved long before I started blogging.


10. What does 2017 hold for Layla Panam?

I’m just hoping to constantly improve my content, gain more amazing experiences and memories. I’m hoping to travel more and document it too.




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