But first… Let me take a shoefie

We are totally diggin’ on a good #shoefie. You only need to take a peek at our INSTA which is filled with the sassiest selection of freshly snapped footwear.


We know that our #EGOSQUAD aren’t afraid to snap a shameless shoefie, but have you ever wondered how to achieve the perfect shoe selfie?


Take the lead from 4 of our fave Insta-baes because their shoefies are totally on point.


Snap from above...

@sofiackapiris in our Jinnie boots 

Follow the lead of style bae Sofia Kapiris and snap your fave footwear from above. Not only does this give you all the room you need to get both sassin’ shoes in shot, but it also looks pretty casj and effortless.



Workin’ it in the mirror...


@dazhaneleah in our Aria boots

If you want to snap your seriously on point shoes and show them off with your full outfit, follow the lead of blogging bae Dazhane Leah and go for an in the mirror pic… Work that #OOTD gurl.



 Snap the flat lay way...


@lovegiselle in our Chloe boots

If there’s one Insta obsession we can’t help but totally swoon over, it’s a flatlay. We love shoefies snapped the flat lay way, so strut in the footsteps of LA bae Giselle Romero and work those details in your Insta #shoefie. 



Hold em high...


@salomesylvana working our Zina boots


Who says you have to actually wear your totally fierce footwear to take a good #shoefie? There really are no rules, so style your EGO shoes the Salomé Sylvana way and hold ‘em high to get the very best angle of your shoedrobe’s fave shoes.


What is your best tip for taking an on point shoefie?


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