Get In Line- EGO Faves Just In



It's that time of year people, the time when it's appropriate to be wearin' long knits, boots and basically shoving just about anything on to keep you fightin' against the cold. So, with this in mind here at EGO we thought why not make those kinda outfits amazing and this can simply be done by struttin' on out in some of our new (and amazing) boots.

With style, comfort and warmth you'd be a little bit strange if you ain't lovin' these booties. 

Introducting to you the beyond amazing 'Demi' Boot. With tortoiseshell heel detailing, faux leather and stictching around the ankle, this boot is one of the boots of A/W 15. 



If it ain't faux leather lovin' you're after then look no further than the beyond amazing faux suede boots below.

Known as the 'Anna' and replicating the same style as the Demi, this boot creates a new edge by a quick change of fabric.

Throw these beauties on with a casual outfit or dress up for the night as trust me they won't dissapoint. 





Roll on up the ridiculously fierce 'Zina' boots. Loved by bloggers and worn worldwide these beauties create a longer leg with its pointed toe. Topped off with a faux wooden heel to create amazing stylin'


Key influencers in our digital world, these women show us just how to style on up trends for the everyday and they do it so, so well.




See below for all our available options in these statement boots.

P.s We're majorly lovin' the Khaki 






So ladies be sure to grab a pair of any of these styles, as a statement piece for Winter they'll be sure to keep you lookin' great. 


Because well, who wouldn't want to?


-With love, The EGO Team x