#EGOSQUAD: Lorna Spaine

Today we’re wishing a very happy birthday to #EGOSQUAD babe, Lorna Spaine. Let’s take a look at the reasons we love her so much…


Her style is insane...


This girl can work any look; casj-cool, glam, girly. You name it, she can pull it off. In this pic, she’s rocking the Jana White Denim Boot.



Her makeup is FLAWLESS...


We don’t really need to say anything on this one, you can see for yourselves.



You seen those locks?


Kim K eat your heart out, Lorna’s hair is gorge. What we’d do for hair that slick! Here she’s wearing the Serena Denim Heel.


She has the ultimate #bedroomgoals...


We looove the clean, crisp white bedroom Lorna takes her photos in. It’s a bloggers dream room!



And she knows how to take a good selfie…

Guuurl can she take a good selfie. We’re mega jel.



Her insta feed is FIRE...


Umm can we talk about this feed? It’s gorge


Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 12.34.50.png


Let’s talk about #nailspo...


Not only is she everything goals already, she’s got the best nails too. Perfect for showin’ off your fave shoes. Here’s she’s holding the Roxette Crystal Strap Heel.



She takes the best outfit shots...


We adore Lorna’s bedroom outfit shots. They’re maj!



She’s craaazy sweet!


A while ago Lorna took over our Snapchat to talk us through her fave shoes & give us a sneak peak into her everyday makeup look. It was super sweet! We wanna be her BFF.



She’s an #EGOSQUAD babe...


Firmly part of the #EGOSQUAD, Lorna is an absolute babe. Make sure you follow her on Instagram here.



Happy bday Lorna! Keep slayin’ gurl.




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