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If you haven’t heard of Lorna Spaine then girl, you got some catching up to do. Lorna is a 22 year old insta-blogger from Dublin with a serious eye for fashion. After studying & loving makeup artistry at college, Lorna completely switched her career up recently for one in fashion instead. She also works part time as a promotional model & is an absolute #GirlBoss. We caught up with Lorna for a quick Q&A to get to know her better…


1. Hey Lorna! Girl we love your style; how did you get into the Insta game and taking pics of your outfits everyday?

It's funny, I actually got into the Instagram game accidentally. I had gotten new hair extensions from a company on Instagram as a Christmas present, and the hair was absolutely beautiful so I would always take loads of pictures of my hair in different styles and upload them onto my Instagram tagging the company. A few weeks later that company contacted me telling me the loved my images and would love for me to be an affiliate. They began re-posting my images constantly to a massive audience and through that my Instagram began to grow and I started working with a whole bunch of different companies.

2. Who is your ultimate style icon?

I don't really have an ultimate style icon. I tend to change my mind like the weather when it comes to what styles I like, but at the moment I'm really liking Madison Beer. I like how she dresses so casual, but still looks so girly and pretty.


3. If you could throw a dinner party with any three people, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

This one's a hard one. My No.1 dinner party guest would Definitely be Louis Theroux. I love him. He would have so many crazy stories to tell you. No matter what the topic of conversation was I'm sure Louis would have some extravagant tale to tell. I would also spend the entire evening quizzing him on so many of his documentaries.

My second guest would have to be Joe Wicks "The Body Coach". He himself built his whole career through Instagram, and is probably one of the most successful people that has found a career through this platform so I think it would be really interesting to talk to him about that. I'd also make him cook the dinner because c'mon, the man can cook up a storm, aaaand he's quite the looker too haha!

The last person I think I would like to be a comedian or someone funny that would have everyone laughing all night. Maybe I would bring Robin Williams back? He's someone that could always make everyone smile. He reminds me of being young and happy too so I think he would be great. I'd give him a huge squishy hug!

4. What other Insta babes are you crushin’ on?

There are sooooo many amazing girls on Instagram I'm crushin' on at the moment. I would say the girls I follow on instagram would be where I take my main style inspiration from. It actually amazes me how creative some of them are with their clothes. There's too many to name but a few would be Karla Jara (@TheeRealKarlaJ) this girl really knows how to switch it up. She always looks good, whether she's in a tracksuit with a messy bun in her hair, or in a bodycon dress completely done up she alwaaaays gets it right.

Another one would have to be Melise Krem (@MeliseKrem), she’s amazing. A girl that I definitely think should have a much larger following than she does. She has simplistic chic down to a T. Layla Panam (@LaylaPanam) is another great one. This girl has really good style, always on trend! She takes really great images of the products too. You can tell she puts a lot of work into her looks, but it really pays off.

I also love Katy Luise (@Katyluise). I absolutely love her aesthetic on Instagram. Her feed is so well organised and her clothes are amazing. Another great Instagrammer to check out.


5. What’s your fav trend at the moment, and one trend used to work which you wish you could forget?!

My favorite trend at the minute is definitely oversized hoodies. I live in them. Going to the shop? Oversized hoodie. Going to the gym? Oversized hoodie. Going out for drinks with my friends? Oversized hoodie.

I love that you can chill out and be cozy in them or you can throw on a pair of heels or thigh high boots, a bit of makeup and you're ready for a night out. Any trend that is comfortable and requires very little time, I'm down for. One trend that I wish I could erase from my memory would be American Apparel Disco Pants. Don't ask me why I thought shiny high-waisted turquoise pants were a good look, because I could not tell you.

6. What are your top three party songs?

Hmmm, this one is a bit of a weird one, but whenever I'm going for a night out or having drinks with friends I always put on Men In Black hahah. It's so good. It never gets old to me, I love it!!  I'm also a huge Red Hot Chili Pepper fan too so maybe "Can't Stop" or "By The Way". And then a current song that I'm loving would be Drake "Fake Love" cause we all love a bit of Drake don't we?

7. What is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure which I don't feel one bit guilty about is Donuts. Donuts or any little baked things. If you woke me up to donuts or an eclair or anything from a bakery you would literally not be able to wipe the smile off my face for the day.


8. Best piece of advice for getting your selfies on point?

Everyone always says it but lighting. I used to work as a makeup artist and the main thing we were taught when it came to photographing your makeup was good lighting. Natural lighting is the best. It picks up colors better than artificial lighting which can sometimes make your images look slightly more yellow. A bright room with lots of daylight is key.

9. What’s next for Lorna Spaine?

I'm not too sure what's next for me. I'd like to focus on working harder in every aspect of my life and trying to improve myself everyday. With my Instagram I'd like to hopefully continue to grow and work with enthusiastic, interesting brands, and also getting to know my followers more. I love chatting with people under my images. It so interesting to me when people tell me where they're from and it's somewhere really far away or somewhere I haven't heard of. I just find it so amazing that a social media can connect me with so many different people. I love it!

Hopefully I'll continue to work harder and harder every day and hopefully they're are great things to come in the future.

10. What are your fave EGO styles?

Zina Black Ankle Boots.

I have these boots and I would definitely say they're the shoes I wear most. They're so comfy, and effortlessly spruce up any outfit. I need them in every colour.

Sherlina Nym Denim Over The Knee Boots.

I recently got these boots from Sherlina's collection with Ego and I am completely obsessed. Every time I put them on I spend like an hour posing in front of the mirror in them haha. When I first posted images of these on my Snapchat it exploded. Everyone wanted to know more about them.

Ariana Perspex Heels in Black.

Perplex Heels are obviously such a huge trend at the minute and I completely adore these black ones. They're so cool!

Stay tuned for more blogger Q&A’s coming soon!

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