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Love Island 2017 is officialy over and we’re so not ready to deal with that kinda loss just yet. It’s been the highlight of our summer. We’ve cancelled plans, turned down going out and have been sat in front of the TV every night for 9pm for the past two months. What are we going to do now?! To cope with the hole it’s gonna leave in our lives; we’ve rounded up our fave moments from this series for you to look back on...




Hands down our fave couple of this series has been Chris & Kem. Whilst technically not a couple, their bromance has melted our hearts. From matching nail polish, to cuddles in bed, to shaving their initials into certain areas of their body; their friendship has been amazing. We only wish they could have won together!





Whilst we were super sad Chris & Kem couldn’t win, the next best thing happened instead; Kem & Amber. One of the cutest couples in the villa, their win was well deserved. Plus who welled up watching Kem ask Amber to be his girlfriend?! So cute.





Rapping has been a hot topic in the villa this year, and one we’re so so glad became a thing. We saw the rise of Run KMC (Kem, Marcel & Chris), heard covers of Skepta, learnt more about ‘A Little Bit Leave It’ and were seriously amused by the boys performances. If this isn’t Bafta worthy TV then we don’t know what is.





Where would a roundup be without Chris & Olivia’s little one, Cash. During the episode where the islanders were given babies to look after, we were introduced to Cash Hughes and saw Chris crying over the plastic baby. Luckily, we saw them reunited in yesterday’s final and we’ve never seen Chris look happier.





One of the biggest transformations of the series has been Camilla. Starting the show a very quiet, shy girl, she ended a completely different person. We’re so glad she found her prince in Jamie after kissing a few frogs (ahem Jonny).





We’ve loved watching the girls’ friendship over the course of the series. From braiding each others hair, to sharing each other's wardrobes; they’re the ultimate girl squad. We soooo wanna be a part of it!





There have been countless hilarious memes to come from the series but one of our fave kinds has been the Chris in bed series. Taken when he was pied by Olivia for Mike, the image of Chris lying in the dark looking upset has become an internet sensation. We’ve put a few good ‘uns below...




Terms like ‘muggy’, ‘graft’, ‘melt’, ‘crack on’, ‘stick it on him/her’, ‘my type on paper’ and ‘eggs in one basket’ have quickly become firm faves in our vocab. There’s been tshirts, bags and phone cases made from these quotes with rumours that some may even make the dictionary next year!





Montana proved she was all of us deep down by always snacking her way through the drama. So real.





Finally, we couldn’t miss Blazin’ Squad off this roundup. Marcel brought it up in conversations whenever and wherever he could and we love him for it.



We’re not quite sure what we’re gonna do with ourselves till the show comes back on next year </3




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