The Love Island Drinking Game | EGO

It's Friday night and instead of hitting the town with the girls, you're inviting them round yours to watch everyone’s fave TV show - Love Island. We know hun because we're doing the exactly the same. And what could possibly impress your guests more than lining up shots and playing a drinking game? Girl we gotchu. Get a few bottles in, follow our Love Island Drinking Game rules and you'll be merry before you know it. Happy drinking!

#1 Take a Shot Everytime Someone Says 'It Is What It Is'


It won't take you long to get drunk on this one gal.

#2 Take A Sip When a Couple Kiss


We are HERE for the romance this season. Amy and Curtis, do your thing huns.

#3 Take ANOTHER Shot When Caroline Makes a Visit to the Villa


Love Island would be nothing without Caroline Flack. As soon as we see her walking into the villa, we know sh*t is about to go down. Take an extra shot if she treats us to a slow-mo, tension-building strut.

#4 Refill Your Glass When There's a Challenge


'Cause we like to see the islanders reveal some hard truths, do some tough dares and some cringe-worthy tasks.

#5 Vote A Peer To Down Their Drink When Someone Gets Kicked Off The Island


We've already lost Sherif, will there be any other islanders to disappear from our TV screens? We don't like to see anyone leave but let's give them a send off they deserve! Everyone vote a peer to drink the remains of their glass when another contestant gets dumped from the Island.

#6 Swap Drinks With Someone When Amy Bitches At/About Lucie For Not Being Friends With The Girls


Girls are meant to support and lift each other up! We're kinda tired of seeing Amy bitch about Lucie for not being friends with the girls. Leave the gal alone! Every time you see this on screen, swap drinks with someone (they gotta be drinking something different though, obvs).

#7 Drink 3 Fingers When Someone Gets a Text


It wouldn’t be a Love Island drinking game without drinking every time someone gets a text.

#8 Have A Shot Every Time Someone Says They Have a 'Connection' With Another Islander


It's got to be one of the most overused phrases of the series. The only connection we've got right now is with the vodka in front us. You know what to do when you hear the word hun.

#9 Have ANOTHER Shot When Maura Says Something Sexual


At first we thought it was brave and maybe a bit endearing but now we're kinda like ... girl you're a bit much. She's spouting innuendos left right and centre and we're struggling to keep up. You're guaranteed to get drunk quickly on this one.

#10 Drink 1 Finger For Every New Person That Arrives


Manageable when 2 new people come in, but not so manageable when there’s 5 new girls and 5 new guys. Let’s hope there’s not another secret house this time!

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