The Love Island Drinking Game | EGO

It's a Friday night, you don't have work or college in the morning, and instead of a girls night out you're having a girls night in with everyone’s fave TV show - Love Island. Obviously, you want to impress your guests with some Insta-worthy DIY cocktails, some shots prepared and our ultimate Love Island drinking game to help you wash them down with. Follow the rules and we have no doubt every Friday night will include our Love Island drinking game.

#1 Take a Shot Everytime Someone Says 'Mugged Off'


We have no doubt you'll be drunk by the first ad break. We’re lucky Muggy Mike isn’t on this year, or you definitely wouldn’t have made it to the first ad.

#2 Take A Sip When a Couple Kiss


We're all about celebrating the romance, right? And we don't want to miss any action.

#3 Take ANOTHER Shot When Caroline Makes a Visit to the Villa


Hey, she recently got engaged to Andrew Brady so we're celebrating extra AF for Caroline. And take an extra shot if she treats us to a slow-mo tension building strut!

#4 Refill Your Glass When There's a Challenge


'Cause we like to see the islanders do some tough dares, reveal some hard truths and some cringe-worthy tasks!

#5 Vote A Peer To Down Their Drink When Some Gets Kicked Off The Island


We don't really like to see anyone leave, so let's give them a send off they deserve! Everyone vote a peer to drink the remains of the glass when an Islander gets dumped from the Island.

#6 Swap Drinks With Someone When There's a Classic Catfight


We're all for girls supporting girls, but seeing Islanders fight over a man makes great TV. Swap drinks with someone (they gotta be drinking something different though, obvs) when the claws are out on a the Island gets nasty.

#7 Drink 3 Fingers When Someone Gets a Text

It wouldn’t be a Love Island drinking game without drinking every time someone gets a text.

#8 Have A Shot Every Time Someone Mispronounces Eyal’s Name

It shouldn’t be that hard to say, but apparently it is. It’ll be even harder to say after this many shots.

#9 Have A Shot When Adam Does Something Snakey

Has anyone ever been as brave and bold as Adam? Jumping from girl to girl and creating drama is exactly what we wanted to watch though, so who can blame him?!

#10 Drink 1 Finger For Every New Person That Arrives

This is fine when 2 new people come in, but not so fine when there’s 5 new girls and 5 new guys. Let’s hope there’s not another secret house this time!

Thought of any classic Love Island moments that you want to add to our Love Island Drinking Game? Tweet us and let us know @egofootwear!