Most Memorable Outfits from the Met Gala | EGO

It's our fave event of the year on Monday, so we take a look at the the most memorable fashion moments from the Met Gala

Cher's Jaw Dropper - 1975

We should all take a bit of Cher's confidence at the Met Gala back in 1975. At the time, it raised some serious controversy but now Cher is a major style icon , especially with the likes of Kim Kardashian West and Queen Bey being her number one fans.

Kylie Jenner's Met Debut - 2016

Kylie's Met Gala was debut was stunning. The theme of the met in 2016 was technology - which featured high-tech and robotic-like gowns. Kylie Jenner showed up in an embellished Roberto Cavalli Gown, a sleek chic cropped bob and glowing make-up.

Claire Danes' Cinderella Moment - 2016

Every celeb deserves their Princess moment on the red carpet at the gala. Here's Claire Danes wowing us and making us love-heart emoji in a light up Zac Posen ballgown, which totally nailed the Fashion Technology theme.

Rihanna's Style Evolution - 2016 and 2017

Riri's style has evolved over the past Met Gala's. We love her showstopper moments because 1) they go down in fashion history and 2) they make great memes. Here's Rihanna rocking a Comme Des Garcons dress with lace up over the knee sandals in 2017, versus her stunning yellow China themed cloak in 2016, which later got transformed into a hilarious meme of scrambled eggs, pizza...and the rest.

Gigi Hadid - 2017

Every Met Gala has a theme, determined by fashion mogul Anna Wintour. 2017's theme, Japanese Avant Garde which paid a tribute to Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo. We Gigi in this stunning Tommy Hilfiger kimono-like asymmetric gown with a sexy fish net stocking, and she also dyed her blonde locks brunette. Can we also just acknowledge that seriously strong eyeliner wing?

Naomi Campbell - 1995

We're throwing it back to the Queen of catwalk's first Met Gala attendance. Supermodel Naomi Campbell kills it in a silver embellished evening gown.

Kim Kardashian - 2013

Another star's first Met Gala who turned heads, but maybe for the wrong reasons, was pregnant Kim Kardashian. She attended the event with her then boyfriend, Kanye West with a baby North in her bump. Critics said the gown was shocking and done nothing for her - while the print should have been distracting us from her baby bump, we couldn't take our eyes off it. Oh well, at least she made the headlines and some great memes with this.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Headwear - 2013 and 2015

A regular to the Met Gala is Sex and the city star, Sarah Jessica Parker. Well, we wouldn't really expect anything less if your alter-ego is Carrie Bradshaw, right? Here she is rocking a Phillip Treacy armour inspired head piece for 2013's ball, and in again in 2015.

Beyonce in the Nude - 2015

So Beyonce was known for two things at 2015 Met Gala ball. Firstly, she was ridiculously late. We're talking hours. And secondly, she was the most nude-bearing guest. With Givenchy's strategically placed crystals and body inspo - yes we pinned this! Beyonce made sure we would remember this moment for Met Gala history.

Kate Moss - 2009

And finally, supermodel who knows how to work a carpet, is Kate Moss. Here she is slaying in a metallic gown, high heels and matching turban for a retro vibe.

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