You Can Do It Babe | EGO

Okay, it's here's the dreaded Monday. Not even a Venti Starbucks can get you through the endless paperwork and emails you gotta send out. But girl, we got you. Check out these sassy inspirational quotes that will take your motivation level to new heights. Get your badass babe attitude on and strut your way through the week and before you know it happy hour cocktails on Friday will be here.

So this one is aimed for the girls who spent their Sunday with a hangover with a Dominoes pizza and bingeing on her favourite Netflix series - maybe OITNB or Glow, and is not yet ready for the brutality of Monday morning in the office. It's time to get your badass boots on girl.

Stress doesn't go with ANY outfit. Breathe girl, it's just a bad day not a bad life.

Courtesy of our favourite mom, Mrs George from the chick flight Mean Girls, this one is for you mothers out there - girls, you're killing it.

Cause sisters that Slay together Stay together, right?

Be patient. Good things come to those who wait. Results don't happen over night.

Yes you do.


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