National Puppy Day...Pups That Will Melt Your Heart | EGO

Can everyday be National Puppy Day? Our hearts at EGO head office have been pouring out for Insta pups, Pinterest pins, and puppy Youtube videos. And although our landlord or parents refuse to let us get one for real, we'll make do with these four gorgeous pups. Keep scrolling and show some puppy love!

This pup loves playing in the snow and snoozing on a soft fluffy blanket...I mean could we be any more a like? We're wanting one of these playful pups for our office right now.

If you haven't got a French Bulldog obsession then you seriously should. How cute are these pics of this little Frenchie Brando. From his litter to his new home, (He also has another French Bulldog sister called Sylvia, like, we can't cope with this cuteness) Brando is a mischievous and playful little bulldog pup.

We can't get enough of this fluffy poodle Kobi who also loves to play in the snow. This little pooch has several nicknames for his cheeky character, here's a few to name: shimmy jimmy (because he likes to move a lot) and Sharknando for his sharp set of teeth. He also likes to steal a ridiculous amount of socks.

Last but not least is the youngest of pups, spaniel Arthur. BRB huns, we're just looking for our nearest puppy breeder.