Shoe Year’s Resolutions for 2019

As the year comes to an end, it’s time to start thinking about some shoe Year’s resolutions (see what we did there? Ey, ey?). We’re totally over the whole ‘new year, new me’ facade, instead, we’re lookin’ for ways to keep ourselves just as sassy and bad-assy… just with a lil’ fine-tuning. So instead of making resolutions you’re never gonna’ stick to (who really has time to go to the gym every day?!), how about you make some that you’ll actually stick to?


1. I Will Start Planning My Outfits the Night Before


Fancy an extra 10 minutes in bed each morning? Yeah, we thought so. Start your day the right way by planning your outfit the night before. 

But before you even think about choosing an outfit, you need to check the weather app on your phone. Cold day? Opt for a chunky knit dress and knee highs. Lookin’ like a scorcher? Then choose a floral mini skirt, floaty blouse and a pair of espadrilles.



Then you’ve gotta’ make sure you’re dressed for the occasion. Got an important meeting at work? Then go for some tailored trousers, blazer and some black barely there heels.


Meeting the girls for brunch? Then a denim skirt, graphic tee and chunky trainers will look sassin’ af.

Trust us, girl – you’re gonna thank us for this New Year’s resolution.


2. I Will Opt for Comfort Over Style at Least Once a Week


 Yes, we all know how amazing a killer pair of heels make you look and feel, but let’s be honest, girl – they weren’t made for walkin’ around in all day erryday. So, this year, make yourself a promise that you’ll give your poor feet a break from heels at least once per week. 

Thankfully chunky trainers are a huge trend right now, so whether you team ‘em with a t-shirt dress or mom jeans – you’ll be getting all the style points in these, girl.

 3. I Will Go For a Pedi Once a Month

Giiirl, if you’re gonna be strutting around in perspex or barely there heels, you’ve gotta make sure your feet are prepped! Promise yourself – hell – promise us that you’ll treat your feet to a pedicure at least once a month.


High maintenance? Maybe. Worth it? Definitely.


4. I Will Not Let Any F*ckboys Get Me Down


Girl, this one is important. Perhaps the most important resolution you need to make this year.

Repeat after us:


  • NO boy is worth crying over
  • I will not respond if he only texts me after 11pm
  • The only nudes I want are nude heels
  • I deserve to be treated like the queen I am… no matter how good looking he is
Come on, girl – you’re so much better than him.


5. I Will Never Let Anyone Tell Me I Wear Too Much Black

We are such a big fan of wearin’ all black errything. Black jeans, black tees and black boots– we are all over it. So this year, don’t let anyone tell you you wear too much black. You do you, gal. 


And there you have it, the most important shoe year’s resolutions you should be making to keep you sassin’ all year long.













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