10 Things That Go Through Everyone’s Mind On New Year's Day | EGO

It’s New Years Day. The chances are you’re pretty hungover right now. Here’s 10 things that will go through your mind today...

1. “Oh my god I am so hungover”

We’ve all been there. Some of us will wake up still drunk but it’ll hit us later. Be prepared.

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2. “What actually happened last night?”

Got no memories of what went down? Us neither.

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3. “Why did I drink so much?”

We don’t know either, drunk us is so uncontrollable.

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4. “I wish McDonald’s delivered”.

Yep, us too.

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5. “Where can I get food?”

Fridge? Takeaway? Leftover pizza? Who knows, but eat something.

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6. “Will googling how to cure a hangover help me?”

Nope. Neck some water, smash some carbs and have a nap. That’ll sort you out.

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7. “OMG did that actually happen?!”

At some point later in the day the memories will slowly start to drift back and they may or may not be pleasant.

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8. “Maybe my New Year's resolution should be to stop drinking…”

Sure that’ll last for about a week, but is there any point in trying to kid yourself?  Let’s be real here.



9. “Am I cured yet?”

The likelihood is no but you should be on the mend by now. If not, paracetamol is your new BFF.

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10. “How on earth is it 2017?”

We agree. January is so depressing but try make the most of it. Before you know it’ll be 2018.

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